Instant lead generation is needed for a certain reason. You can’t just thrust your business out into the world over and over, day after day. You have to make large impacts in intervals, so you’re not forcing yourself onto consumers. Every been in a friendship or personal relationship where they just keep contacting you and asking what you’re up to? It gets mighty annoying after a while doesn’t it? You still like them, but just to get a few moments alone you’ll begin to actively avoid them. This is not a good look for any business when consumers are sick and tired of hearing about them. Yes, even in 2019 too much of a good thing can turn it sour. So, what you need to do is to create effective marketing campaigns that are geared toward brand awareness. Don’t follow the drip-drip method for brand awareness all the time, it does have its place but for instant lead generation you need broad and exciting techniques. For one thing you need to consider various mediums of content and advertising

Fighting the urge to skip

Pay-per-click has taken on a new dimension in the modern world of video sharing websites. Yes the classic sliding images advertisement in the banners and headers of websites is still used. It’s probably still effective because it’s quite cheap to produce and the overall cost to return is worth it for many businesses. However the newest and what seems to be the way more effective way to implement pay-per-click marketing are YouTube video ads. These play at any moment in the timeline of any video but usually they are at the beginning. YouTube has a policy whereby no ad can be skipped unless it has played for at least 5 seconds. This means they keep their visitors and subscribers to popular channels happy, and give businesses a chance to sell themselves to the customer.

You’ve probably seen it and done it haven’t you? You’re trying to watch a video of your favorite channel and a video ad comes on. You’re not taken in by it so you skip the video and on you go with your desired content. Only a few ads will lock you in, hold your gaze, demand your interest and participation. And those ads will earn your click. In order for your brand to become aware quickly, you need to focus on making a video ad for YouTube that will captivate people just by watching the first 5 seconds. Then you need to keep and hold them until they give you their click.

Could it get simpler?


The box standard version of marketing is of course display marketing. Quite simply it’s just an image that is stationary in a banner or sidebar. It’s not something that will be made up of multiple images, it won’t be in the form of a gif or an animated rotating and or sliding image rack. What it is, is just a simple image that displays your product, service, and or business as a whole. Could it get simpler you say? Well, let’s hold on for a moment. Even the simplest things can be done so well that they are as effective as more complex techniques when it comes to marketing.


If it’s just one image you are going to be using for brand awareness, this means that everything on display has to be tactically placed there. For example if you’re advertising your brand by showcasing your top 3 products, then you need to decide which one will be the best seller. Using depth and field of view, you can really emphasize a certain aspect of your brand. This could be the color scheme, logo or the message that you really want to stand up on.


<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>


Lurking in the images


Google images has always worked side by side with Google Search. But now more than ever these two things are working in tandem. For example, it’s common now to have somewhere in the region of 5 images be displayed right at the top of the search result page. Google instantly recognizes what you’re trying to search for and offers images to help your recognize it as well. You might be looking for a ceramic plate to buy, and Google will offer you images of a decorative plate for decor and interior design as another for dining and cutlery. However there’s something new that has happened to Google Images that has only just come about in early 2019.

What you now see is, lurking in among the images are real ads. You can see this because in a wall of images displayed to you there will be an image that doesn’t look out of place but it has ‘this is an ad’ written underneath it. Clicking on the image of the ad, will transport you to a landing page whereby that image of a product will now be the place where you can actually buy it. So using a skilled PPC Agency, you can lurk in the images and stand a high chance of browsing shoppers click on your product. However, a dedicated account manager will take care of everything for you. They’ll keep track of the conversion rate, bid adjusting and even the landing page creation to better help with SEO. This will all be done with Google Ads of course.
Brand awareness is all about a short blitzkrieg of a marketing campaign. You’re trying to get your name out there which means pushing yourself in people’s faces everywhere. It won’t be for long as a prolonged awareness campaign can turn against you. However with a dedicated PPC team, you can have a way to infiltrating the images on Google Images and have a brilliant landing page. Yet, you need to really focus on the best pay-per-click technique of all which is YouTube advertisements. Design an ad that will captivate the viewer within the first 5 seconds, and then guide them through the ad to achieve better conversion rates. On the other hand, how about keeping it simple with a slick display ad, with just a perfect misc-en-scene?