Whatever your business does and whomever it does it for, there’s no such thing as too much promotion. Anything you can do to position yourself as the solution to your customers’ (and prospective customers’) problems is paramount in ensuring the long term viability of your brand. Thus, when an opportunity like a trade show, exhibition or other industry event comes along, business owners (quite rightly) recognise it as an opportunity to let their brand shine. As well as providing speaking opportunities, a chance to wax lyrical about your brand, products and services to prospects and even scope out the competition they afford brands another unique opportunity… the chance to give cool stuff away!

Let’s face it, everyone loves something for nothing, and when you give away branded promotional items at your next event or trade show, you get to reap a host of great benefits…


They boost brand recognition and loyalty


The sad truth is that it doesn’t matter if you’re the best there is at what you do if nobody knows who you are. That’s why brands both large and small invest heavily in brand recognition as this is the first and most important part of laying the foundations for brand loyalty.


When you give away branded goodies, the recipients take your name and logo with them. Every time they use their branded product at home or at work, they’ll think of you and when other people see them using it, they in turn will want to find out more about you.


They create positive associations with your brand


The most effective branded promotional items are those that not only fulfil a useful function for you, but are of long term use to the recipient. That’s why apparel, stationery, mugs, USB sticks and the like are such popular promotional items. They are of use to the recipient and this helps to create positive associations with your brand. They position you as helpful, useful and welcome. 


They show how much you care


Today’s consumers don’t want to do business with disingenuous profit hungry companies who care about nothing more than making a quick buck. They want to do business with brands that show a strong ethical focus and a commitment not just to their customers but to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 


Most consumers, particularly younger consumers, want to do business with brands that care. And the great thing about promotional items is that they have the capacity to do just that. By their nature they show that you care enough to give away something for nothing. They can also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. If you thought that all promotional items were made from single-use plastics, think again! There are plenty of promotional items that help the environment and buck the trend of disposable and non-sustainable promotional products made from environmentally damaging materials. 


These are just 3 of the many things that make using promotional items a must for brands eager to prove themselves to their consumer base and lay the foundations for long lasting and positive relationships.