Every company could do a little more to increase productivity. This can be done on many levels, from the top all the way down to the bottom. All positions could be streamlined and rehashed. The staff could be more motivated to produce more. A company needs to be vibrant, and remain fresh to the staff. It’s sometimes unavoidable that a company will go through a lull period, but you need to keep momentum up. You need some ideas and processes in mind to bring the team up when things take a downturn.

Here are a few things to think about:


Systems and tools

Are the computer system and various other tools you provide your staff still up to the job? The reduction in productivity could be due to outdated software, or perhaps the original software you purchased is simply just not up to the job now your company has expanded. The first thing to do is make sure all your company tools are up to the job in hand.



Are the lines of communication open? Productivity could be being brought down, as there is no real engagement between staff and managers. To get to the bottom of it, engage with staff, and make them feel valued. 

Improve skills via training 

Staff at all levels can benefit from training. There are always new ways to do things and new ideas and approaches to incorporate. STL training is a great resource for this. Investing in training will improve efficiency and productivity as the staff will feel more valued.


Have accountable staff

When you give a task to an employee, ensure that you are precise with the actions you want them to do. Delegate tasks to the most appropriate people, and this means you have to know your staff, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Increased responsibility can increase their sense of job satisfaction. They have to make decisions that they will be accountable for, and this has the effect of motivating them. 


Workplace facilities

Do you offer free tea and coffee? Do you have nice toilets? These may not seem like big things, but in fact, they are. If your staff can get the caffeine they need from you, they will perform the tasks with more vigor. Also, if the toilet cubicles are private and clean, this will save time. Also, ensure that the heating is set at an ambient temperature.


Reduce distractions

It may be an idea only to allow staff who need email to have it, for example. That goes for the internet too. Your IT department can add firewalls to stop certain sites from being looked at. It may also be an idea to ask staff to turn their phones off and keep in their bags during office hours. 


Don’t micro-manage 

Give your staff a certain degree of autonomy. Allow them to make decisions and feel more in control of their day. If they feel trusted and valued, this will improve productivity. If a manager is constantly looking over the shoulder of the staff, then the natural response is to get nervous and make mistakes.