One of the most significant challenges of running your own business, whether it’s a blog you work on alone, a career as a freelance, or a store or office in which you employ other people, is time. As an employee, you have a specific role and set hours. You do your jobs in the time that’s allowed, and you move on to the next task. You go home at clocking off time, and that’s that. The rest of your time is your own.

When you run your own business, it can often feel as though there are not enough hours in the day, but also very much like if you did have another three hours, they’d quickly be filled and you’d still be desperate for more. With so much to do, you can feel as though time is escaping you like you can’t possibly get everything done and like your business, far from giving you the chance to work flexibly, is taking over your life.

While you’ll never be able to add hours to your day or get time back, you can find ways to get more done in less time. Freeing up hours to focus on essential tasks, or even to take a well-earned break from your business, as it continues to grow without you.


Automating and scheduling are powerful tools when it comes to saving time while working. Scheduling blog posts and social media updates mean that you can appear to always be online, without actually having to be. Helping you to get more done, but also helping you to build relationships with your customers. Think about other areas of your business you could start automating, and you’ll save plenty of time.


A common problem that many small businesses face is that they need more staff, but they can’t afford to pay them. Outsourcing some work to contact center solutions can be an excellent solution. You can also outsource jobs like web design and management, content writing and marketing, that perhaps needs a more experienced eye.


If you have got a small team, it’s essential that you learn how to use them to their best. Delegate any jobs that you don’t need to do yourself, and you won’t just give yourself more time, you’ll also give your staff more experience and boost morale.

Write Lists

Even with scheduling, automation, outsourcing, and delegation, chances are you’ve still got a lot to do yourself. Writing to-do lists at the start of every day, or the end of the last can help you to manage your time and stay organized.

Focus on One Thing

The problem with having so much to do is often that we try to do it all at the same time. This can make it hard to manage your time, and mean that nothing gets the attention that it needs. Instead, focus on one job at a time. Complete it fully before moving on to the next.


Work at Your Best Time

One of the best things about working for yourself is that no one can tell you when to work. Some people are morning people, but not all of us. If you work better in the evenings, start giving yourself mornings off instead. Work when you are at your most productive and you’ll get more done in the same time.