When it comes to business we can all find that many industries and working sectors have struggled this year. With closures, restrictions and new guidance in place, it has been hard for a lot of businesses to carry on going. The hospitality sector has struggled a lot when it comes to closures and restrictions. The construction industry saw work halted for weeks and the health sector has had pressure like never before. However, there have been some business sectors that have benefits from Covid-19. Below, we reveal some of the industries and sectors that might have surfed the wave of Covid-19 and are managing to stay afloat. 

Online shops and retailers 


You may find that online shops seem to have done really well throughout the pandemic. The likelihood is that this is because many people were locked down for weeks, and so had no choice but to shop online if they wanted or needed something. Retailers such as Amazon have done really well. You also will find that companies that not only have retail premises but also an online facility did well. Clothes shops, and also food outlets will have mopped up because of the online sales. One blessing is that this pandemic may have encouraged more small businesses and high street shops to set up online platforms and ecommerce stores, so that they can start to benefit from the online boom. 


Energy companies


It might not be as obvious as you might think, but energy companies have been big winners because of the covid-19 outbreak. That is because more people were at home because of lockdown restrictions. The energy industry reported profits were up because they had more people using energy supplies. Lights, electric sockets etc, as well as other factors do with energy like cooking more during the day. Staying at home means that your energy usage may have also increased over the period that would ordinarily be cheaper because of summer, so it is mindful to be aware of perhaps energy hikes when it comes to bills. 


Remote working technology


With more people encouraged to stay at home, and indeed, work from home, any company supplying software and technology that has advancements in remote working has seen a big boost during the pandemic. Zoom, Skype and Slack have seen big increases because of their communication options for ResetIV working and video conferencing. You also have technology companies that supply integrated phones at home that can be connected to one another for ease of transferring calls and dealing with customer services at home. 


E-learning and learn from home businesses


Last of all, with more time on our hands, businesses that supply e-learning and learn from home resources have also seen a big boost. People have taken this opportunity to gain new qualifications and also learn new skills from learning at home options. Any e-learning business will have seen a boost in orders during this period and beyond as more people risk the loss of their jobs moving forward. 


Businesses will always prosper, diversifying is the key, and thankfully this pandemic is only temporary.