The rising demand in technology continues to drive digital revolution across the global market. This demand has led to the birth of a new form of business process management that makes use of technology wholesomely. This new technology therefore helps businesses to easily manage operations such as marketing, sales, production, communication, customer support and many more.

Business process is the basis of all business operations and drives all the various departments of an organization to ensure they work in accord while interrelating with suppliers and customers. Business process management system is therefore a tool that works to support whole business systems and not just part. Creatio BPMS is more robust in helping businesses to grow their supply, enhance efficiency and increase customer satisfaction by aligning goals and processes for this kind of evolution.

How Does It Work?

There are generally three ways to illustrate how BPM works – full service, horizontally and vertically. These can be broken down into:

Horizontally: A broader approach that focuses on the development of new processes using BPM software solutions.

Vertical: This approach uses premade templates that any business system can easily modify to suit a particular target.

Full service: This approach incorporates a variety of the key BPM categories – design, execution, monitoring and optimization.


This is the initial step of achieving business with innovations through Business Process Management and may involve working with prevailing processes or initiating new processes from scratch. It focuses on workflow monitoring and escalation. Charts may be used to make this much easier.


Also called modeling, this step may involve changes in any business variable that impacts on the business and can show how the BPM model works.


At this stage, BPM is actioned through a software that automates the business processes. A blend of two computer languages is used: Business Process Management Notation and Business process Execution Language. The most successful enterprises are those that utilize this blend more effectively.


Every single process should be monitored to establish trends, identify flaws and opportunities that can be used for growth. All the data collected in the process should be analyzed and used to improve business processes on a rolling basis.


As circumstances change and business processes become less efficient and call for adjustment, optimization becomes a necessity.

How Does BPM Lead To Business Growth?

Reduction of costs of performing tasks

Do you want to know how BPM help? It cuts on the time spent on execution of processes and in effect leads to a reduction in the general costs of running the processes. For instance, by streamlining production processes of a company, the cost and time spent in generating products is reduced.

Added flexibility

Outdated processes slow down change in an organization and in return makes a business too rigid to support growth in future. BPM is more adaptable and optimizable and will make every business ready to face challenges and grow.

Offers real time task and process monitoring

As a tool, this solution makes it easier for a business to monitor its processes, identify flaws and improve where necessary. By identifying gaps and mending them before they cause a loss or lead to stagnation makes business growth with BPM a reality.

Low risk

By automating business processes that have been manually run previously, BPM reduces risks of human error in businesses. This increases chances of increased revenue while the enhanced documentation helps manage compliance.

Increased productivity

BPM system saves a lot of company time. This allows staff to engage more productively on other tasks and increase the general productivity of every individual employee in the organization.

Customer satisfaction

BPM increases the business focus on customer outputs. This spikes growth in a business as more customers are satisfied and with the better experience, their return rate is increased and sales go up which leads to growth.

In essence, therefore, BPM software is a transparent system that drives and delivers measurable outputs towards the growth of a business. This software from creatio is therefore a breakthrough for many businesses that intend to embrace technology in improving their daily operations.