There’s no denying that the business world, by and large, has been moving more and more into digital space in recent years – and the trend seems bound to continue.

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have revealed the resilience of web-based businesses in the modern world, as opposed to those that still rely on physical premises.

Nonetheless, there are a number of reasons why physical business premises may still be well worth all the fuss, the infrastructural considerations such as finding the ideal roof for commercial building, and everything else.

Here are some reasons why physical business premises can still matter in the digital age.

Because there is a growing niche of people who are rebelling against an entirely digital world

As more and more of the business world – and society in general – migrates to the Internet, there is a growing niche of people who are becoming jaded and frustrated with the idea of every experience being mediated through cyberspace.

Increasingly, large subsections of the population would prefer to actually get out of their homes and visit an in-person store, whether that’s a bookstore, a record store, a furniture store, or any number of other things.

As human beings, we all need a degree of face-to-face contact and interaction with one another, and there is simply no substitute in many cases for the physical shopping experience.

Because some goods, products, and services, depend on the in-person experience

Not only is a growing proportion of the general public interested in returning to a more hands-on and in-person shopping experience, but there are certain goods, products, and services that actually depend on an in-person experience, in a variety of different ways.

If you sell sports cars, for example, you may be able to sell a few online, but in the vast majority of cases people will want to come down to a dealership, look at the vehicle, test drive it, and get a sense of the “hands-on experience,” before parting with their money.

Even for less expensive purchases, however, there is often a dynamic at play where the real essence of a product simply can’t be conveyed through the web.

Having attractive and well structured physical premises can be vital for selling your goods, in many contexts.

Because for certain things, a physical storefront seen as an expected signifier of quality and trustworthiness

One issue with the Internet by and large, is that it has made it difficult for consumers to accurately identify businesses that they can feel confident in, and that can be viewed as essentially trustworthy.

Part of the issue here is that anyone can set up a fairly convincing website over the course of a weekend, that seems more or less professional, even if the company in question is scammy and unscrupulous.

More and more, customers are looking out for signifiers of quality and trustworthiness. Having a prominent physical storefront conveys a sense of trustworthiness and “skin in the game.”