More passengers are requesting to fly privately than ever before. Private aviation needs to modernise the broker-operator relationship if it wants to take advantage of new opportunities – and a new platform launching this month could have the solution brokers and operators alike are looking for.

Demand for private aviation is booming, but are operators and brokers ready to grasp these new opportunities? The industry urgently needs a new approach to chartering private flights if both brokers and operators are to take advantage of the surge in customer interest. Real-time, accurate, data-driven bidding has become a must-have to secure the industry’s future – and the creators of AeroBid, a new platform released this month, have the solution.

AeroBid is a new live bidding platform, launched to modernise the private charter booking process. Using data and instant communications, it brings a fast, transparent and convenient way for brokers to request charters for their clients, and for operators to receive and bid on live flight requests.

Through the platform, brokers can submit detailed flight requests, including aircraft specification, destinations and special requests. Operators can view live flight requests on the Platforms Marketplace and can also choose to receive instant notifications by text or email. Operators can then bid anonymously, in real-time, for the charter, allowing brokers to receive accurate, up-to-date bids on their flight specificationBrokers benefit from faster responses and full transparency, while operators get new business delivered directly to them, thanks to instant notifications on key flight search criteria.

With anonymous bids placed and received in real-time, AeroBid avoids the problems associated with static private charter marketplaces, such as price inaccuracy. With all operator and aircraft details clearly presented alongside bids, it creates a level playing field for operators to compete on value, not just price. For brokers, it’s a breath of fresh air: a fast, reliable way to access the right flights for their clients. As for operators, the platform opens up a wealth of opportunities, reducing the need for extensive marketing and allowing operators to discover opportunities and passengers in new markets.

The platform was designed by experienced business aviation experts, who recognised the need for an instant, data-driven bidding platform to help the industry cope with increased interest in private flights and enable everyone involved to benefit from immediacy and transparency in the bidding process.

Zaher Deir, CEO and founder of AeroBid, comments: “Private aviation is increasing in popularity, but the industry needs to modernise the way brokers request, and operators bid for, charters if it wants to fully grasp these growth opportunities. With AeroBid, we’ve created a data-driven platform that benefits brokers and operators alike. We can’t wait to see the difference it makes to private aviation in the near future.”

To find out more about AeroBid and how it’s set to transform the business aviation industry, visit their website or call +441865819991.