Over the past ten years the wealth management landscape has undergone huge growth and change due to increased regulation, advances in technology, greater access to capital and affluent individuals demanding more say in their financial future. This rapid evolution is also due to the expansion of the super-rich segment, and multi-family office firms are on side to meet the investment, estate planning, lifestyle and tax service needs of these affluent individuals. While family offices are nothing new, over the last decade the number of family offices has increased ten-fold according to recent EY data. Are you a high-net-worth individual stunned by the web of financial compliance your wealth has created? Is your high-net-worth family unsure about how to navigate the unique concerns your capital has created? Do you want assistance handling the various challenging financial aspects of your personal and professional life?

Winning European Business Magazine’s Luxury Crisis Management Firm of the Year 2019 Award, alongside netting the category of Luxury Multi-Family Office in France in the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, Gfk Conseils – Juridis is the one to watch in 2020. With incomparable networks and superb technical knowledge, the firm has also forged solid links with several prestigious private banks and management funds, increasing solution possibilities and opportunities for its high-end clients. Established in 2017, Gfk Conseils – Juridis was founded by Romain Gérardin-Fresse and Ségolène Kenney, and has since become the very definition of an exclusive, multi-family wealth management office. Romain Gérardin-Fresse, a former political advisor and brilliant legal expert, set out to solve the legal problems of his clients and defines strategies to protect their legal and financial interests, whilst Ségolène Kenney specialises in financial engineering and developing and managing financing files for commercial entities and individuals.

In less than two years the firm’s turnover has increased by more than 183%, it conquered 14.8% of additional market share last year, and has opened a practice in both New York and Dubai. A real key player in consulting – covering complementary fields of law, taxation, management, business strategies and crisis communication – the firm has built a solid reputation in facilitating a synergistic influence of collaborative knowledge and skills. For each specific case, Gfk Conseils – Juridis analyses the administration and management system of the commercial entity, and proceeds as necessary with a social restructuring plan. Across numerous industries, concentrations of returns are generating significant financial wealth, and Gfk Conseils – Juridis, with a core focus on identifying issues and defining solutions, is a rising star of business strategy. The firm manages time, image and assets, sets up the necessary strategies and defends clients’ interests before the jurisdictions concerned., Gfk Conseils – Juridis offers optimum quality for its elitist clientele, improves operational profitability and implements administrative strategies.

With Headquarters located on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, France, Gfk Conseils – Juridis’s clients include public figures, hotel chains, real estate development groups, members of the government and royal families, for whom the firm can help mend a crisis situation and offer tailor- made solutions to resolve litigation. Due to its professionalism and expertise, Gfk Conseils – Juridis has won many influential and prestigious clients, and the French Riviera firm carried out for some of them the entire constitution of their French structure and has supported these atypical clients in their real estate projects on the Riviera. Present in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Gfk Conseils – Juridis continues its development in France and abroad, and the firm has a strong global presence in more than 11 countries across five continents.

A key crisis management expert, this firm is dedicated to supporting leading figures in their management procedures and the resolution of issues related to their activities and has built up a customer portfolio of rare quality. Strategies for international expansion, tax issues, support for growth development, restructuring, outsourced human resources and legal expertise relating to social or commercial disputes all fall under Gfk Conseils – Juridis’s; remit, and they put all their knowledge and experience into serving their customers. Whether it is property and asset management, administrative and tax services or dispute resolution with public institutions, Gfk Conseils – Juridis is the crisis management firm firmly in the spotlight for all the right reasons.  “We are the shoulder on which our customers can rest, the attentive ear that hears their every need, and all this under the seal of confidentiality that is so dear to us.” Romain Gérardin-Fresse, CEO of Gfk Conseils – Juridis.  The rise of the family office is set to continue – not least because of sustained global uncertainty and an increase of new wealth – with plenty of changes expected within this sector along the way. At a time where sustainability and social responsibility is high on the agenda, clients appreciate that their favourite handler happens to be a socially and economically responsible company. Gfk Conseils – Juridis are strongly involved in charities, such as the construction of a school building in Sri Lanka, and they donate 5% of their annual profit to humanitarian organisations. A family office is not a necessity for everyone, but for individuals with a substantial amount of capital, a complex financial set-up or for those who require collaborative solutions, a family office is the way to go. To succeed in 2020 and beyond, companies and individuals must delegate certain business and personal tasks. Finding a reputable handler for sensitive and confidential matters is not an easy job, but one needs look no further.