Sending money to your loved ones during Ramadan serves numerous purposes for expatriates’ families. Do you know that this Ramadan, you can enter a splendid lucky draw to win your dream rewards when you transfer funds back home? ACE Money Transfer has reinforced its Salam Bangladesh promotion for this year with amazing rewards of a free Honda Livo bike and three iPhone 13 Pros. Every Bangladeshi diaspora can participate in the promotion simply when they send money to Bangladesh via ACE’s remittance services during the sanctified month.

ACE Money Transfer is a remittance provider functioning in 100+ countries with one of the top-most choices for several Bangladeshi expats. The company has served millions of worldwide diasporas for over two decades with impeccable remittance solutions. ACE comes up with brilliant surprise ideas for customers every quarter of the year.

You can find more details on the exciting Ramadan promotion “Salam Bangladesh 2022” by ACE Money Transfer below here. Let’s first glance over Bangladesh’s economic standing and how remittances help the financial needs of people in the country.

Bangladesh’s Economic System

Bangladesh has a developing economy, with a GDP of $416 billion, making it the 42nd largest globally in nominal terms. They also have the world’s 30th largest purchasing power. Bangladesh’s strong financial sector is one of the reasons for the country’s long-term stability, and its diasporas play a vital role in this regard.

Bangladesh’s official currency is the Bangladeshi Taka. 1 BDT equals 0.012 USD at writing. The Chittagong Stock and Daha Stock Exchanges are located in Bangladesh, and they contribute to one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies.

Bangladesh’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture. They produce and develop a wide range of products for export to adjacent nations worldwide.

How To Send Money To Bangladesh? 

Are you trying to understand how to send money to Bangladesh in the most efficient method possible? The steps are straightforward and super easy.

Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing countries globally, with most of its population living in poverty. Bangladesh’s government, which falls between the middle-class and poor, has been working to improve the country’s economic status by strengthening the state’s policies.

There are various methods for sending money to and receiving in Bangladesh, although these will mostly rely on your chosen company. 

Bangladeshis working in foreign lands contribute significant money to assist their loved ones in meeting their basic needs back home. With the ACE Money Transfer, you may send money to your friends and family in Bangladesh at unbeatable exchange rates and the lowest transfer fees.

If you want to make an online money transfer to Bangladesh, follow these steps:

  • Visit the ACE Money Transfer website to set up an online account. It’s pretty easy and fast.
  • Write the name and full address of the person who will receive the funds.
  • Using their secure payment methods, complete your fund transfer safely and securely.
  • And your money will be sent to Bangladesh soon.


Want More Convenience? Send Money to Bangladesh with ACE’s Mobile App

You can transfer funds to Bangladesh with ACE’s international money transfer app. When you want to send money to Bangladesh online, you can pick from several options for payment available with the app. It offers quick and straightforward methods for sending money to your loved ones to support them in their time of need.

  1. Use a debit card, credit card, or bank account to pay.
  2. Use the internet to send money to Bangladesh and send it immediately to the recipient’s bank account.

Win Incredible Prizes this Ramadan

ACE is always striving to provide superior services to its devoted customers. You can get benefit from one of their many incentive programs. You can win one of three iPhone 13 Pro and a brand new Honda Livo bike through the Ramadan promotion. To participate in this campaign, you must first understand the terms and conditions.

  • Eligibility Criteria 

The offer is valid in the holy month of Ramadan. This promotion is only valid for paid and completed money transfers to Bangladesh in the month.

All mobile wallets, cash pickup, and bank deposit transactions will automatically be entered into the lucky draw. You can make multiple transactions to ensure several entries and increase your winning chances in the competition.

  • Lucky Draws

Every week, one Lucky Draw will be held. The first three lucky draws will be for an iPhone 13 Pro, and the final drawing will be for a Honda Livo Bike.

Lucky draws will be held at the ACE Money Transfer office, and they may be broadcasted live on the ACE Money Transfer Facebook page. The following is the schedule:

  1. The first draw will be held on April 8, 2022. (iPhone 13 Pro).
  2. The second draw will be held on April 15, 2022. (iPhone 13 Pro).
  3. The third draw will take place on April 22, 2022. (iPhone 13 Pro).
  4. The fourth draw, following Eid al-Fitr (Honda Livo Bike).
  • Prizes 

The sender will be rewarded with an iPhone 13 Pro with 256 GB of storage. After getting nominated by the winner, the receiver would be compensated by receiving the Honda Livo Bike.

  • How The Winners Will Get Rewards?

The remitter may choose to have someone in Bangladesh accept the bike on their behalf. The winners are responsible for any personal, advance, or withholding tax imposed by local tax regulations due to the incentives obtained through this competition. ACE accepts no responsibility in this regard.

  • Other Terms And Conditions 

If the winner cannot be contacted within seven days of the draw, the winner will be redrawn, and a new nominee will be chosen. The company has the sole right to use the winners’ personal information for promotional purposes. The dates displayed are subject to change at the company’s sole discretion.

ACE Money Transfer offers its customers the best international money transfer services. This Ramadan, the company makes a special offer to its Bangladeshi customers. Participate in this campaign to win a Honda Livo bike and one of three iPhone 13 Pro. Don’t waste more time and send money to Bangladesh online  to enter the competition.