Stravito, the AI-powered storage and sharing system for market research, has rolled out a smart information discovery feature to predict and present individuals with market research that they are likely to be interested in.

The ‘Inspired by your recent activity’ release is part of Stravito’s continued work to use AI to help individuals at global organisations make fast, informed decisions, with minimal effort. 

The purpose of the feature is to push information that users should be interested in, complementing Stravito’s core offering: AI-powered search that allows individuals to find the answer to business questions, in minutes.

Speaking to European Business, Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and co-founder of Stravito said: “In today’s environment it’s essential that businesses implement solutions that allow employees to remain inspired and informed, remotely.”

He continued, “We believe a consumer-like experience is key to this and have focused on building a platform that provides the next generation of insights. By making AI act as a librarian for market research, we hope individuals never miss out on relevant information again, creating suggestions for collections that help them remain insights-driven, always.”

Stravito’s smart information discovery is a new addition to its Collections feature which allows users to organise market intelligence in any way they like – by topic, by brand or by type of research as a few examples. 

Now, based on the content individuals have already added to a collection, Stravito’s AI engine suggests further relevant market research that individuals can easily add if they want. The more individuals use Stravito, the smarter it gets. This also means that when preferences change, so do the suggestions Stravito provides.