Speed in business is worth its own weight in salt. How can this be you ask? Well for the most part our day is filled with tasks that take a reasonably long time. They have to be done properly and to your own set standard. This is why usually employees and your business structure is used to not necessarily taking their time to work but, a slowly slowly approach is adopted. This is good for employees as they get to ask for different opinions on their work, and they also don’t get burned out so quickly. Your internal structure also, reacts to things a little slowly sometimes because, well, even a well-oiled machine doesn’t need to work in high gear all the time. All of these things in business lull us into a false sense of speed. However, if you had a system in place, something that could activate quickly so that you did have speed as a tool up your sleeve the world of opportunities could open up for your business. How and why would you do this?

A jetsetter representative

Imagine for one moment your business has just shown up on the radar of a multinational giant. They are very interested in a product or service you make and they would love to meet you to discuss a potential partnership. The only problem is, you’re already in a talk with another company and you’re pretty much preoccupied with them at the moment. You can’t drop one deal for another if you don’t need to. This is why you need a jet setting representative that is ready to react to your orders and literally fly to the other side of the world to have this meeting on your behalf. Usually this person will be your most trusted employee and almost always a senior in your management. Go through your list of c-suite ranked employees right now, and pick the one you trust the most. Have a talk with them and tell them they will be called upon to take urgent in-person meetings if you’re not available. This inherently means they will essentially be your deputy.


Keeping up with the tide

Business doesn’t wait for anyone, no matter how large and rich you are. You could be the CEO of a massive corporation but if you expect the world to hold their breath for you, you’re going to be sorely mistaken. When an industry is changing rapidly, you need to keep up with the tide. This often times means unexpected expenditures that you were not preparing for. For example, rather than making a phone with one screen, you need to begin designing a phone with multiple screens. This is what has happened with the new Samsung Fold. This is when you should consider a bridging loan as small businesses can use this sudden loan to get them to a better 

position to then take out a more long-term loan. Look at these Accurate bridging loan quotes which use an intricate calculator to form your amount.



Reacting quickly to a shift in the industry as a small business can literally save your business from being shut out. However a quick bridge needs to be build to get to a more advantageous position first.