Why Private Jets Work for Both Business and Luxury Travel

There were an estimated 72.8 million visits made overseas by UK residents in 2017, with this number having increased by 3% on the previous years’ figures. We’re also seeing considerably more people travelling abroad than 10 years ago, when families were struggling from the fall-out from the global financial crisis.

With families now more inclined to travel abroad and spend a little more on their overseas trips, we’re also seeing a growing demand for private jets and airlines nationwide.

Whilst private jet hire is commonly associated with business travel, this mode of transport offers an array of potential advantages that can also be applied to recreational trips. Here are three of the most prominent:

Make Wait Times a Thing of the Past

One of the biggest frustrations for travellers is that the time spent waiting in line, whether you’re having your bags checked or are ready to board.

Travelling on a private jet helps to minimise the waiting time across the whole of your journey, however, from the moment that you arrive at the airport to the time that you land at your destination of choice.

When travelling with a private jet, for example, you’re only expected to arrive at the airport 15 minutes before departure. Then, you simply walk outside and board, having previously checked in your luggage remotely and online.

Through private terminals (otherwise known as Fixed-base Operators), airlines can also offer a variety of upscale travel services alongside increased security and faster take-offs.

Arrive Closer to your Destination

On a similar note, you can also arrive closer to your final destination when travelling on a private jet.

Make no mistake; renting a luxury plane allows you to take full control of your travel, which in turn affords you the flexibility to fly out on a precise date and time that you choose.

Private jet providers can also offer access more than 10,000 airports across the globe, including smaller facilities that may be located closer to the hotel or accommodation that you’ve booked.

This can not only reduce the amount of time taken to reach your final destination, but it will also reduce the need for costly and often tiring transfers.

Travel in Genuine Luxury

Whilst you may have previously travelled by business class, nothing can prepare you for the luxurious, five-star experience associated with a private jet.

Even smaller and more affordable providers delivery a luxury service to passengers, with the flight crews able to offer an array of features that can turn even long-haul flights into incredible experiences.

With advanced notice, these crews can also stock bespoke items that you need for your flight, from specific drinks to unusual dietary requirements.

This is ideal when travelling on a birthday or anniversary, as you can tailor the flight experience to suit the tastes and preferences of your loved one.