When organising a trip, you have to take some precautions so as not to go through uncomfortable and unexpected situations that can be avoided. Do you want your experience to be really pleasant? In this article we tell you what you should take into account to travel to Punta Cana for an incredible holiday.

X keys to having a great holiday in Punta Cana


Punta Cana is the ideal destination for those who dream of spending a few days in the middle of the sea and enjoying the sun and amazing beaches without having to worry about everyday problems. However, if you want this experience to be totally memorable, we recommend you put into practice the following tips for travelling to Punta Cana:

  1. Book a hotel in advance


When it comes to travelling to Punta Cana, choosing a good hotel is one of the most important aspects to consider when organising a trip, as many tourists can take advantage of the fact that these sites have their own private beaches and even come with all-inclusive packages.

One of the best alternatives is to choose to book the hotel with all the services included, since the price compared to the stays that do not provide them is usually just a little higher and can contribute to save expenses in terms of daily food and drinks.

In addition, it is also important to inquire about the characteristics of the rooms, because there are some that are quite luxurious and compared to other simpler ones, they have a very similar cost, offering many more advantages in terms of comfort and well-being when traveling to Punta Cana.

  1. Take out travel insurance


When travelling to Punta Cana, paying for travel insurance may be an option to cover expenses due to illness or accidents that may occur during your stay there.

The most recommendable is to choose a premium travel insurance that for a cost of approximately 60 euros for a week in Punta Cana, usually offers an average coverage of 500,000 euros in medical expenses.

However, in order not to get an unpleasant surprise if the use of the insurance is required, the most favourable thing is to investigate well about its reputation and what expenses it covers and avoid the risks of travelling to Punta Cana without medical coverage.

  1. Practice some security measures when leaving the hotel


Although Punta Cana does not have a high level of insecurity, there is always a risk of being a victim of theft. For this reason, it is recommended that when tourists leave the hotel premises, they should be aware of their belongings and avoid having valuables in sight that could tempt friends of others.

  1. Planning the travel itinerary


If you decide to travel to Punta Canta, the best way to make the most of this holiday is to plan the itinerary of the trip and, in addition to enjoying its extraordinary beaches, to be able to live other experiences, as there are very interesting options such as going to Santo Domingo and visiting the colonial buildings, getting to know Saona Island or taking a catamaran trip to Samaná.

Furthermore, as far as what to see when travelling to Punta Cana, when visiting natural reserves, the best thing to do is to take mosquito repellent. It is also pertinent that when you leave the hotel you use in some circumstances the Punta Cana currency which is the Dominican peso.

It is recommended to make these currency exchanges at the airport, hotels and even use an ATM where the lowest rates are found to make these transactions. However, if you stay only at the hotel and its private beaches, payments in euros or dollars are usually accepted.

When is the best time to travel to Punta Cana?


The best thing about travelling to Punta Cana is that you don’t have to worry about going at any specific time of the year, because it has a tropical climate and an average temperature of 24 or 25 degrees. In summer it is usually between 28 and 30 degrees and in winter it drops to 20 degrees at most.

However, it is recommended to travel to Punta Cana in March if you want to be able to enjoy a good cost of travel to Punta Cana in flights and hotels, which usually increase the value of their rates in the summer seasons.

We hope that this post has helped you clarify some of the main doubts you may have if you have decided to travel to Punta Cana and can enjoy this experience to the full, taking care to put into practice the recommendations we wanted to share with you next.