SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 28 April 2023 – In a world where pests are constantly lurking around the corner, Ridpest has been the superhero protecting us from pesky cockroaches, rats, termites and more for half a century. From battling mosquitoes to warding off rodents, the company had gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and effective pest management solutions with its top-notch service and effective pest control methods over the years.


Ridpest Celebrates 50 Years of Exceptional Pest Control Services with Brand Restructuring

In anticipation of the occasion, Ridpest underwent a dynamic transformation in 2022 by introducing a new logo. The change was part of the company’s comprehensive restructuring plans aimed at providing greater services to its customers and reinforcing its brand identity as a leading pest control company in Singapore.

The old logo’s colour was updated to gold, a hue widely associated with power, longevity and happiness in Chinese culture — all attributes Ridpest aims to bring to its customers.

The decision to update the logo was also inspired by Ridpest’s 50th-anniversary Golden Jubilee celebration, aligning the brand’s identity with this significant milestone. By incorporating this symbolic colour into its logo, Ridpest aims to convey a sense of prestige and achievement that reflects its rich history and unwavering commitment to providing the highest quality pest management services in Singapore.

Ridpest Goes Digital for Greater Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Along with the logo change, Ridpest also made the decision to migrate its processes to a digital platform, a move that will allow the company to better serve its customers while reducing its carbon footprint.

This eliminates the need for physical copies of pest control reports, allowing Ridpest’s technicians to focus entirely on their work to offer first-class customer service and optimum pest management results. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also reduces paper usage and waste, further underscoring Ridpest’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Furthermore, the company made a concerted effort to ensure that no employees were left behind during this digital transformation. The company held special training classes for its pioneer generation of technicians, providing them with the support they needed during the transition to the new digital platform. Ridpest also directed its vendor to create an intuitive interface that would be easy for even the most tech-challenged employees to use.

Ridpest’s Commitment to Its Employees

At Ridpest, investing in the professional development of their employees is a top priority. The company believes that providing training programs, mentorship and clear career paths can help employees feel valued, motivated and committed to their jobs.

Creating a culture that supports employee development and engagement helps to retain top talent so that they provide the best possible service to their customers. For Ridpest, employee satisfaction and retention are just as important as delivering effective pest control solutions.

Ridpest Offers Exclusive Discounts to Customers for Its 50th Anniversary

Finally, to round up the special milestone of providing 50 years of exceptional pest control services, the company is celebrating with exclusive discounts for both new and old customers alike!

Customers born in 1973 can enjoy a 50% discount on all pest control services throughout 2023 simply by showing their NRIC as proof.

Other customers will receive a 10% discount on Ridpest’s mould removal services by quoting “50th year” when making an appointment.

Join Ridpest in celebrating its 50 years of providing top-quality pest management while taking advantage of these limited-time savings!

Contact Ridpest to find out more or book a service today.

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Ridpest has been delivering quality and reliable services as a pest control company in Singapore since 1973.