The United States is a welcoming home to European companies across business sectors, so much so that many European companies are household words in the United States. But beyond the major companies that come to mind as major investors and employers in the United States – such as BMW, HSBC, Nestle, Sanofi, and others – there are also hundreds of companies with smaller-scale investments that are driving business growth in the United States.

SelectUSA recently launched a new initiative called SelectUSA Tech to help smaller companies – especially new-to-market and tech-focused companies – incorporate U.S. expansion into their business plans. As these companies look to grow by finding new customers, innovating their products, and increasing their workforce, SelectUSA Tech can help them connect with venture capital, business incubators, and other partners that can help enable growth. This helps young and pioneering companies quickly become a part of a pro-growth business environment in the United States that protects intellectual property, fosters innovation, and helps companies compete at a global scale.

Of course, we recognize that tech companies and startups are inundated with time-sensitive priorities, and the infancy of a company is tough to navigate. Where SelectUSA Tech is helpful is in its resource-building capacities. SelectUSA Tech connects businesses to the potential partners and multipliers that can make it easier to grow and scale: 

  • Incubators: Many U.S. regions offer incubator space that provides low-cost office space and business center capabilities while a company completes its site selection process. 
  • Accelerators: Business accelerators across the United States provide mentorship programs and supply chain resources that can help startups and tech companies hit the ground running.
  • Events: We held our first SelectUSA Tech sessions at the SelectUSA Investment Summit in June, helping about 100 global startups make connections with potential partners. We’ll be at Web Summit in Portugal this fall, and will continue supporting companies on the road at future events.
  • Funding: While we don’t have a magic potion to make venture capital appear out of nowhere, we can facilitate connections among companies, economic development officials, and service providers, which can help companies fast-track the growth of their network. 

And as daunting as it may seem to navigate a U.S. expansion during the startup stage, tapping into the U.S. business environment is well worth the investment. Extremely appealing to startup and tech companies is the U.S. system of intellectual property protection, which helps safeguard your innovations as you grow your business. 

The U.S. education system also supports the innovation environment, with 15 of the world’s top 20 universities based here. These hubs help provide the talent and ecosystem to help companies continue to innovate as they grow. These factors are among the reason the United States continues to top the Global Entrepreneurship Index.  

So, why wait? SelectUSA has teams throughout Europe who are ready to support your business – regardless of its age or sector – as you examine growth opportunities in the United States. Visit us at to get started.