There is a well-known old saying; “a bad workman blames his tools.”


There’s something to that idea, to be sure. If you find yourself perpetually making excuses for your poor professional practice, and subpar results, there is likely to be a good deal of blame that rests with you and your own skill set.


It’s also true, however, that no one ever managed to build a house using a crayon and a set of spoons. Instead, a certain array of tools is required to do the job to any decent standard. And increasingly, today, with specialist construction software solutions on the market, those tools are becoming more sophisticated.

There’s a good argument to be made that your tools may have a lot more to do with how successful you are than you might like to think. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Because AI is growing rapidly, and promises to radically accelerate the pace of work for certain tasks

Artificial intelligence is developing at a rapid pace, and is going from strength to strength. And, although we might not encounter truly sentient robots any time soon, automated machine learning systems are achieving some pretty remarkable things.

The academic Cal Newport has argued pretty convincingly, in his book Deep Work, that jobs and tasks which don’t inherently require a sophisticated skill set, are likely to be entirely taken over by 

AI in the near future.


It’s certainly the case that with the growth of these kinds of technologies, the pace of work for certain tasks is being rapidly accelerated, across the board. If you’re not using the right tools, you might simply be unable to compete.

  • Because, increasingly, digital tools allow solopreneurs to be competitive with larger companies

If you’re a “solopreneur,” and fancy the idea of becoming the next Richard Branson or Elon musk, you’re certainly not going to be too likely to achieve that without relying on a suite of digital tools, and outsourced an automated services.


Traditionally, a major part of what gave larger businesses the “edge,” was the fact that they had teams big enough to address various nuances of the business, simultaneously, thus ensuring that no individual team member had to be swamped trying to juggle a dozen different roles at once.

Various modern tools have meant that the same can now be true for the solopreneur, with the tools themselves handling various “job roles” very effectively.

Because the smart application of an effective tool may just be what differentiates you from the competition


One of the top struggles for any business is, of course, to manage to successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors.

It’s the drive to achieve this differentiation that is behind the obsession with Unique Selling Points, and all the rest.

In a fiercely competitive industry or field, it’s likely that you and your competitors are neck and neck in many ways. Using an effective tool, in a smart way, may just give you that little “edge” you need to pull into the lead for a moment.