If you’re at a crossroads in your business, trying to determine which cutting machine is best for you or how you can make your production process more efficient, here are all the reasons waterjet cutting is the top choice. 

Business owners and fabricators are quick to decide that laser is the choice for them: They’re renowned for their accuracy and have been used for decades. But how does a waterjet cutter compare? 

Unrivaled accuracy

Despite laser being the first port of call, you’d be surprised by just how accurate waterjet cutting machines can be. 

These machines use a specific nozzle to ensure they match – or beat – the accuracy of a laser. Waterjet cutting machinery can also be used with abrasive materials and water to create a powerful cutting force like no other. 

It’s not just these factors that create the same accuracy as a laser, either. Unlike high-heat laser cutting, waterjet machines don’t need heat to cut through materials – meaning there’s much less risk of distortion or damage to the cut product. Lasers can distort the material it’s cutting, meaning you’ll often need additional finishing methods in place. With waterjet cutting, there are no micro-abrasions or risk of damaging the structural integrity of the original material.

Depth of cut 

You might be surprised to hear that waterjet cutters can actually cut deeper than most alternative machines. 

Laser cutters can often struggle with thicker materials, and the more struggle, the less accuracy. As for water jets, these machines can easily cut through tons of different materials – even at 10 inches thick. 

Of course, there are a few limitations. For example, thick diamond or tempered glass can be difficult to cut through, but plenty of other materials do not match the waterjet cutter.

Combining the depth of cut with accuracy, it’s no wonder why waterjets are becoming increasingly popular. Versatility

As mentioned above, waterjet cutters can be used in a whole range of industries. However, they’re particularly common for cutting metals and plastics or other dense materials.

These cutting machines can also be used for a variety of extraordinary projects, such as creating sculptures or replica relics. In addition, waterjet cutters come in a wide range of sizes so that even small businesses and hobbyists can make use of them. 

It can be fun to experiment with waterjet cutting, as they really can cut just about anything. So whatever design, material, or pattern the computer tells it to cut, it will. 

Waterjet cutters have even been used in food manufacturing, portioning, and the electrical industry to create circuit boards. The possibilities are truly endless.

Cost efficiency 

If you’re a small business or single-person entity, you’re probably dubious about investing in a large machine. This is because cutting machines don’t come cheap. However, waterjet cutting machines are often cheaper than alternatives, and you can start off with a small machine if you only need a few small cuts. Without the need for chemicals and fuel, these cutters can be hugely cost-efficient and can help to maintain your profit margins.

So, what are you waiting for?