Managing contract workers effectively in business

If you own your own business or operate at a senior level in one, being able to function in a lean, agile way is key. This not only helps you to respond proactively to opportunities in your sector but also enables you to work in a cost-effective way to maximise profits. One superb way to go about this for C-Level executives is using contract workers.

This sees you employ an external company or person on a set contract for the task in hand. It not only gives you access to any specialist skills that a certain job may demand but also allows you to operate in way that reduces the overheads that traditional salaried employees bring.


Although they do bring many benefits, using contract workers will only deliver the expected results if you manage them properly. Here are some great tips on doing just that for business leaders.

Offer them support 

Contract workers will still need some support from you as an employer to help them perform. This is key to ensure that you get the results you expect and also that any of your clients they deal with have a good experience. From giving them any necessary information on in-house systems to effective communication channels for queries, they need to feel supported.

You may also find that your contract workers need a little help when it comes to their finances or sorting out invoices or timesheets. To manage this effectively, you could let them know about working through an umbrella company, which can handle all this for them. Just remember that they should compare umbrella companies first to choose the best one to use. 

Be clear 

Another great tip to manage contract workers effectively is being clear with them on what exactly they need to do. The clearer any details you provide at the beginning over deadlines and expectations, the fewer problems you should have down the line.

Very often, issues arise in this area because contract workers are not aware of something that is crucial to your business. Let’s say, for example, that you hire a remote IT contract worker who you need to be around during lunchtime every working day. If you do not tell him that, they will not know and could well head out instead with the intention of completing their work for the day later.

Keep in touch

Next to support and clear goals, keeping in contact with your contract workers is crucial. Naturally, this is easy if they will be working on your premises as the person managing their project can keep an eye on things. If they will be working in the field though, you need to find an effective way to stay in touch. This will help you keep up to date with the project they are working on while also ensuring that they stay focused.

Take steps to manage your contract workers effectively


Hiring contract workers is a great business tool that can come in very handy at times. It will only work out though if you can find ways to manage them well. By doing this, you will not only keep them focused and aware of what is expected but also give them the support needed to do a first-class job.