Setting up a business overseas is not a mean feat. Yet aspiring entrepreneurs try their luck because the rewards are immense. Going global is a huge opportunity, but everything boils down to choosing the right destination. Essentially, you should look for a country with a favorable climate for foreign businesses. Moreover, the lifestyle should be good enough as you will eventually settle there with your family. 

Italy scores well on both fronts, so it is among the favorite immigration destinations for global entrepreneurs. Beyond the business opportunities and lifestyle benefits, it offers easy immigration with an investor visa. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about this alternative. Here are some reasons entrepreneurs should choose the investor visa route to start their business in the country.

Minimal eligibility requirements

Unlike other immigration routes like citizenship by descent and marriage, the eligibility requirements for an Italian investor visa are simple. You only have to be an adult with a clean criminal record and a good state of health to qualify. The rest boils down to money because you have to bring significant investment to buy the investor visa. Luckily, you can choose between a startup (€250,000), an established business(€500,000), a donation (€1 million), and the purchase of government bonds (€2 million). Since you have a choice, you can pick the option matching your investment capacity. 

A short and easy process

Another factor that makes the Italian investor visa an ideal option for entrepreneurs is that the process is short and easy. You only have two steps to complete- obtaining a certificate of no objection (nulla osta) and getting the investor visa. The entire journey takes only a few months to complete, and both steps are hassle-free. The nulla osta application goes online, while you can apply for the investor visa at a nearby consulate. 

Secure from the funding perspective

The investor visa process is secure from the funding perspective because you have to deposit the committed amount only after landing in Italy and becoming a resident. Until then, you only have to validate your investment readiness with bank proof of funds. There is no guesswork in the process, so you can be stress-free about your money.

Extensive reach for your business

The Italian investor visa sets you up for exploring extensive reach for your new business. Once you get your residence permit, you can travel across the EU without visa formalities. It is a golden chance to establish a global conglomerate that spans the entire Schengen region.

So you can actually achieve more than your vision to set up an international business in another country. 

Stepping stone to citizenship

Setting up a business in Italy means you will settle here eventually. The investor visa helps because it can be the stepping stone to citizenship by naturalization. You only have to live in the country for a decade and hold your initial investment to qualify for this citizenship route. The better way to facilitate the transition is by seeking guidance from a citizenship expert.

As an entrepreneur looking to set up a business in Italy, you must choose the right immigration route. It is easy to overlook this part of your plan, but you must prioritize it. After all, the only way to set up and grow your business here is by living in the country.