• Verida launches the first mobile crypto wallet supporting zero-knowledge credentials issued through Polygon ID.
  • Millions of Polygon users now have access to an all-in-one mobile wallet to manage their digital identity, zero-knowledge credentials and crypto.
  • Individuals can prove their access rights to applications and smart contracts without revealing unnecessary personal data.

Verida (https://www.verida.io) has integrated Polygon ID into the Verida Wallet to become the first mobile crypto wallet to support Polygon ID zero-knowledge credentials. Wallet users can manage digital identities and access Polygon blockchain assets, all while preserving their privacy.

Verida and Polygon ID’s collaboration will enable a new generation of dApps in DeFi, DAOs and GameFi to securely utilize personal reputation, and real-world identity. Initial use cases include Sybil resistance, community role based access, proof of reputation, regulatory-compliant DeFi, and proof of real-world assets, such as verifying monthly income to access undercollateralized DeFi loans.

Polygon ID credentials are secured by the Verida Network, the first self-sovereign data network developed for web3. Credentials are encrypted on the user’s device and stored on region aware storage nodes that can only be accessed (or permanently deleted) via the user’s private key.

“With the growing importance of online privacy, individuals must control their personal data and digital identities,” said Verida CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Were. “We need efficient verification processes that safeguard against impersonation without exposing sensitive information, and that’s exactly what this collaboration with Polygon ID provides.”

The Verida Wallet allows users to prove their identity or share specific information without revealing any unnecessary personal data. It also offers advanced features, such as identity management, managing encrypted data, and a secure inbox.

“Polygon ID envisions a marketplace for credentials where it is easier to create trusted relationships between users and applications. Verida’s seamless user experience is essential to create self-sovereign trusted identities and we are very excited to have them in our ecosystem,” said Sebastian Rodriguez, VP of Product at Polygon ID. “Together, we are shaping the future of trusted identities and fostering a more secure digital landscape for everyone.”

Download the Verida Wallet for iOS or Android at verida.io.

About Verida

The Verida Wallet is a self-custody mobile crypto wallet where users can manage their self-sovereign decentralized identities and encrypted personal data all secured by the Verida Network.