The aviation industry was dramatically impacted around the world following the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of 2020. Regional travel was forbidden by law in most countries, and international travel came to a complete halt whilst the world battled the virus. This left commercial and private airliners grounded and pushed the aviation industry to the brink of collapse. In the near two years that followed, the aviation industry has somewhat rebounded, but commercial airlines are still suffering from the hesitation and uncertainty surrounding international air travel. In the midst of this industry crisis, private aviation companies like Vista Global have soared – let’s explore why. 


With an ongoing pandemic, private aviation has offered frequent flyers an unrivalled level of privacy and security. Commercial flights need to be at or very near to capacity to be profitable, which means that using these services comes with the added risk of infection and the often-frustrating experience of sharing spaces with other customers. For those who can afford them, chartered flights allow for a private and secure aviation experience.

On-demand services 

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for the aviation industry as a whole has been the uncertainty surrounding international travel, with restrictions being imposed often without warning. This has had a significant impact on commercial airlines, where tickets are usually booked well in advance in most circumstances. Private aviation has been able to provide on-demand services, offering business and leisure travellers the convenience of booking flights on shorter notice and with less uncertainty around future travel restrictions.

Flexible scheduling

Private aviation also offers greater flexibility when it comes to scheduling. Commercial flights can be sullied by layovers, connections and disruptions that detract from the scheduling ability of flyers and sacrifice more time. Chartered alternatives offer the freedom to plan a journey with more control over time, location and flight routes. This is extremely useful for extended or multi-destination trips, if required.

Less hassle

Today’s airport experience is becoming increasingly tortuous, with the pandemic further increasing waiting times and the number of procedures needed before boarding a flight. Private aviation saves travellers a significant amount of time, both pre and post flight. You can avoid the panicked airport baggage halls and immigration queues, instead experiencing a faster and more personalised service through dedicated airport hubs. It’s easy to see why those who can afford to fly privately, choose to do so.