High-tech, the key driver of Polish business

Poland is one of the EU’s fastest growing economies and is betting its future on the development of its R&D sector and innovation-based industry. Polish companies are becoming more and more important players in the Big Science market, and provide orders for its largest institutions such as the European Organisation for Nuclear Organisation (CERN), the European Space Agency (ESA) or Fusion for Energy.

Robust infrastructure, powerful potential

infrastructureIt is safe to say that high-tech industry is booming in Poland. Innovative companies, especially those from the industrial sector, rely on infrastructure that enables them to compete with high-tech companies from all over the world.  
They specialise in the areas which are linked with the development of future-oriented industries such as information technology, high-quality food, chemistry and pharmacy, spatial mobility, the manufacture of modern, cutting-edge machines and equipment. More and more Polish businesses execute international space projects year-on-year, too. Our companies realise that innovations and new technologies are key success factors, and venture into international markets with greater confidence – says Maciej Potocki, the President of the Management Board of Wroclaw Technology Park. Their success often starts with a creative idea or as a student project. – These companies grow to become industry leaders thanks to the support offered by business environment institutions such as WTP. Scanway or Pure Biologics are fine examples.– adds Potocki.  

Big science, big possibilities

Big sciencePoland is unleashing its potential in Big Science. This huge international market, made up of the largest research centres such as CERN, ESA, F4F or ESS (European Spallation Source), works based on the synergy of smaller initiatives that may open up tremendous growth opportunities for business.- We foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for innovative, high-tech companies which are reliable partners in international business –  says Sylwia Wójtowicz, Polish ILO for CERN and Fusion for Energy. A network of industrial liaison officers provides national coverage. The BIG SCIENCE HUB project has been launched with the aim of encouraging smooth co-operation between businesses and Big Science centres, and providing the relevant information or contacts required to kick-start the co-operation. – It also puts in contact the companies or institutions of all sizes, operating in the sector of new technologies. Polish companies have the opportunity to introduce themselves to potential business partners – and the other way round. Big Science Hub is a platform which enables the establishment of international contacts and 

showcases the Polish business facilities – adds Wójtowicz.


Big Science, the highest recommendation

Delivering projects for the most technologically advanced research centres is the best testimony to the potential of the Polish business. All of Poland is home to companies that provide a variety of orders for organisations like CERN. Creotech Instruments, KrioSystem, Techtra, ŚFUP or ZAPAS S.A.  are among them. – We are CERN’s regular, qualified supplier of GEM foil. We implemented its production technology based on a license that we acquired and this has been the foundation of our market success – says Piotr Bielówka, president of TECHTRA, a company operating in WTP. KrioSystem, a designer and manufacturer of low-temperature installations, has enjoyed similar success. It is partnered, among others, with ESS and DESY (XFEL projects), and produced low-temperature installations for CERN. – Our participation in Big Science projects is an example of a business partnership on a truly international scale”, says Piotr Grzegory, president of KrioSystem.  

Such examples abound, and are a testimony to the trustworthiness of Polish entrepreneurs as business partners. More information on the success of Polish companies and researchers is available at BIG SCIENCE HUB: www.big-science.pl


Big Science HubWhat is Big Science Hub?

BIG SCIENCE HUB is a venue where business meets science. It is a platform created to enable the flow of knowledge about how, with whom and where to establish business relationships that bring specific profits. Join the database of companies and institutions related to innovations and new technologies and find partners for cooperation in it. Present your business and discover the potential of other companies, universities, research centers and business environment institutions. By joining it you can present the offer of a company or institution that you represent to potential business partners, find partners who will help you grow your business or who will enter into cooperation with you, seek contractors or service providers who will provide assistance in your project implementation, read news from market and find interesting tenders and announcements from Big Science institutions.

For companies, universities, scientific institutions and business environment institutions, the BIG SCIENCE HUB base is an opportunity to present one’s own potential, find partners, employees or investors. Its purpose is to assist in establishing and building stable contacts that will result in specific contracts, profits and in the transfer of scientific innovations to 

business. Moreover, if you are looking for companies that cooperated with CERN or need a subcontractor specialising in cyrogenic, having contacts on Polish markets, the BIG SCIENCE HUB base will help you find right match. These two examples show that with the use of broadly-developed criteria that make it easier to browse the data base, you can find partners who will meet your exact expectations.

The objective of the BIG SCIENCE HUB portal is to show potential of Polish science and business to institutions such as CERN, F4E, ESS, ESO or ESA. See, why it is worth to establish business relations with them. Join our high-tech community. More on: www.big-science.pl


Initiator and coordinator of BIG SCIENCE HUB

Initiator and coordinatorThe initiator and coordinator of BIG SCIENCE HUB is the Wrocław Technology Park (WTP) which has been strongly connected to the Big Science market since its inception. WTP is a place where science, business and innovations meet. It is a combination of modern infrastructure, cutting-edge research facilities and expert knowledge which provides conditions for the development of entrepreneurs operating in every scale. It is a place for startups and booming SMEs.

Over 200 companies related to broadly-understood new technologies are currently operating in the Park. They may take advantage of 12 laboratories and prototype workshops equipped with world-class devices, Poland’s only Technological Line, modern office space, attractive investment plots and production and storage hall.

WTP is also a broadly-developed networking place and extensive know-how. It is a venue in which theory and practice, business and science, innovations and market expectations merge. Such a versatile profile has fostered conditions that allow making full use of scientific and industrial potential od Poland, and promoting innovative business  in the region.