Even the smallest businesses out there have to do their bit for the environment. While you may think about how the big businesses and factories across the world are pumping the oceans and the skies with waste, you may think that your contribution isn’t much. Here’s the thing: the entire population has to pull together to be as environmentally-friendly as possible if they want to have an impact – even a small one. 

Smaller businesses are often quicker than the larger businesses, and the flexibility of a small business owner is much better than that of a corporation, which means that you can make better decisions about the environment and how you choose to act about it. There’s nothing wrong with being more environmentally conscious, and if you are running a business in manufacturing, you need to be more conscious than ever. There has to be a balance between churning out products on a large scale and ensuring you have the oil stop valves and coalescing media to prevent any oil spills into nearby water bodies. The environment is important, and choosing to go greener is going to make your business more ethical, and one that people want to work with.

With this in mind, let’s look at some of the ways you can be a little greener with your business right now.


  • Choosing to go paperless is often the first step for many businesses, no matter their size. Paper accounts for over 20% of waste in landfills, but it’s recyclable and shouldn’t be left to go to landfill in the first place. If you cut your paper use in your business by even 10%, you’ll prevent even more greenhouse gas emissions. Limiting paper as much as possible is something smaller businesses can achieve with the use of technology. The cloud system and digitizing your paperwork is the first place to start – and it’ll save you some money in the long run.
  • Green checking your office is another good way to start going greener. There are a number of smaller things that you can do in your business to be greener, and these include using compact fluorescent lightbulbs and energy saving lights that automatically switch off. 
  • You can choose to buy reusable bottles for your team drinks and recycle everything from bottles and cans to ink cartridges, too. 
  • Adding live plants will help your air quality, and you can enforce energy settings on computers to allow them to switch off on their own. All of these things can and will help. 


Your business has the power to make a massive difference in the world no matter how small it is. It’s not just about how you look, but if you can take just one step into making the world a safe place, you’re going to be doing better. Every business has a responsibility to use less and do more – and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to do it, either!