In this article, we’ve put together a list of five essential call tracking tips, so your marketing team can thrive with the software, and generate significantly greater numbers of leads and sales.

Read on to find out more.

  • Choose the best software provider

The first, and arguably most crucial tip for using call tracking, is to ensure you choose the best software provider.

To give your marketing the enhancements it needs, you must have software that delivers extensive and accurate data, as well as thorough insights into your customer engagement.

For example, if you were to implement call tracking software from Mediahawk, you’d receive a variety of useful metrics to help you analyse your marketing performance. These include things such as:

  • Visits from your marketing activities – When looking at your website visits, you can use the software to reveal which activities led each customer to your site.
  • Inbound enquiries produced from different sources – Each time you receive an inbound enquiry, you’ll be able to see which marketing sources the customers used to begin their enquiry.
  • Calls generated from each activity – You’ll have visibility over where your callers are originating from This includes where they visited before, during, and after they called.
  • Revenue from each call – The data can also reveal how much revenue is being generated from each call. This can include a customer who makes a purchase over the phone, or goes on to make a purchase following the call.

It’s important to ensure your provider offers unique and beneficial analytics like this, to optimise your use of the software. 

  • Create customer journey maps

Another important tip for using call tracking, is to make sure you use the data to create customer journey maps.

These maps will outline every touchpoint that customers visit when interacting with your business. This can be for both callers and non-callers.

This will allow you to have a clear picture of customer engagement throughout your marketing. You’ll know which channels, campaigns, and activities are delivering the highest number of leads and sales, and thus, which are your strongest areas.

  • Incorporate speech analytics 

For the best chance of success in your approach, you should also include speech analytics along with your software.

This feature can allow you to set a range of important keywords, which will then be picked up by the software if they’re mentioned in customer calls.

For example, this can be certain words or phrases which will help you promptly identify valuable leads. You can then trace their journeys, to see which activities are producing these prospective customers.

  • Tailor the software for your specific business

As with any type of business tool, it’s important to use call tracking in the best way for your business.

For example, your care home can use call tracking to increase your brand awareness to prospective residents and their families. 

You’ll be able to use the software to find the most visited marketing areas, and create content that display your care home’s superior qualities to place in these defined areas.

Also, if your business is a marketing agency, you can use the software to display your expertise to clients. 

As you use your services to improve their strategies, the software can help show the significant increase in leads and sales, resulting from your input. 

  • Continuously evolve your approach

As changes occur in both your business and the needs of your customers, you need to ensure your marketing is consistently delivering increased leads and sales.

Therefore, use your software to continually monitor marketing performance. So, as soon as you identify an area that requires adjustment, you’ll have everything you need to optimise your activities where you see fit.