Size matters in business. Consumers tend to trust large businesses over small businesses – this is because a large company is often viewed as having more resources and more experience and therefore more reliable. This can make it difficult for small companies to compete with larger companies. However, you don’t have to let people know that you’re a small company – in this day and age in which a lot of business is done online or via the phone, it’s possible to act like a big company and make consumers believe you’re large and well established. Here are just a few ways to make your small company seem big.  

Boost your search engine rankings

Having high search engine rankings is one way to make consumers believe that you’re a large company. This is because generally speaking the biggest companies rank the highest. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the practice of improving your rankings – this involves methods such as constantly posting new content to your website and using specific keywords. It’s possible to hire an SEO company such as to do this for you.


Build a social media following

A large social media following can also convince consumers that your company is large. You can achieve this by firstly inviting all your friends to like your company’s Facebook page. If you have employees, you can also get them to do the same. There are social media marketing agencies that can help you to build your following.

Accumulate online reviews

Having lots of online reviews can also make your company look large. To collect reviews, try to persuade every customer you work with to leave a review online. Google Plus, Trip Advisor and Trust Pilot are some of the biggest platforms for company reviews.

Consider a virtual physical address

Your address could be a giveaway as to the size of your company, especially if you run a home business. Fortunately, it’s possible to outsource an address to use for mailing purposes so that people don’t have to know your true address. These virtual addresses tend to be in prime locations – you can use these addresses to receive business mail, which can be sent here and then forwarded onto you. You can shop for virtual addresses at sites such as

Outsource a virtual receptionist

It’s also possible to outsource a virtual receptionist to answer any phone calls made to your company. When ringing your company, most consumers will believe that you have your own in-house receptionist – no-one will know that you’re actually outsourcing someone to answer the phone. This can be great if you’re a one man company working from home and you want people to believe you have an office and a team of staff. You can hire these services at sites like