It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the business realm. The word loyalty strikes up a well-known paradox that business owners relate to. They know that customers don’t have to be loyal to them. If they expected that, then they couldn’t hold the ambition of taking customers away from their competitors. And yet still, that loyalty if it is given must be rewarded every single time; no exceptions. That makes customer loyalty in business kind of wishy-washy, because it’s not consistent yet if it is real, then it means a whole lot more. Therefore it’s rare to find a customer who is truly loyal to your business. They’re only as loyal as the opportunities put in front of them. Since this is the case, you’ve got to put various opportunities in their path for them to take.


Customers that have an online account on your website will have given their email address to you to have their account verified. If your registering process requires customers to show their date of birth, you now have a great opportunity. You should send your customers a birthday day greeting card via email. However, utilize your business in this effort somehow to celebrate their day. For example, if you were a home and garden business, you could offer them a small discount on a barbecue so they could enjoy a meal outdoors with friends. If you’re a jewelry or accessory business, offer them a discount on a necklace or watch. It reminds customers that their loyalty is rewarded with well wishes and something extra to treat themselves at your expense.


Stamp of approval

Retail stores have to maintain a very strong connection with their customers. What was once a rarity has now become the norm in the form of loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are a way to build up relationships by offering customers a tangible reassurance that their consistency will be rewarded. Speak to Total Merchant Services to make a loyalty program for your business. Personalized loyalty cards can be made with your logo and business them designed on them, and a scheme for your needs integrated within the card. For example, after every third buy the customer is given a free product or service. If you were a hair salon, the fourth visit by a customer with you loyalty card would give them a free haircut. Terms and conditions do of course need to be made to go along with this reward system.

Feedback interaction pays

Ask customers that have a history of shopping with you and are signed up to your loyalty program for their feedback. Ask some in-depth questions that you wouldn’t normally bother with for the casual customer. For their feedback you should reward them with an online discount code that is time limited. They might answer a survey or specific questions in their email newsletter. Something like 10% off their next purchase within the next 30 days goes a long way. 

Loyalty in business is few and far between. However it’s not extinct by any measure. Businesses need to create the opportunity for customers to take so consistent buying and rewards go hand in hand.