Dental implants have become a go-to solution when it comes to restoring smiles. While the procedures are invasive, they can provide the best results. However, your jaw bone density might sometimes not be enough to support a full arch implant. What to do then?

Enter Zygomatic implants. They may sound like a mouthful, but they’re a revolutionary solution for folks with jaw bone density issues. These implants are supported through your cheekbone, also called Zygoma, to set the implants in place.

While Zygomatic implants are not the first choice, they provide a stronger anchor than regular implants. This is a transformative method that many experienced dentists believe is another step forward in dental implantology. For example, Dr. Stuart Lutton, the founder of New Life Teeth Clinic, says, “Designed to be anchored into the Zygomatic (cheek) bone, they represent the next level in dental implant technology.”

Talking about Dr. Lutton, his NLT clinic has conducted over 2000 full mouth implants over the span of ten years. Many of these procedures involved Zygomatic implants. Based on his experience, he believes that the advantages of this technique are not limited to being an option for people with limited jaw bones. Instead, it provides several other benefits that many patients seek.

So, let’s have a look at the advantages Zygomatic Implants offer. 

  1. One-Stop Shop: Forget about multiple surgeries. Zygomatic implants can often be done in a single session, reducing your time in the dental chair.

  2. Solid as a Rock: Zygomatic implants are known for stability thanks to their dual-anchor system. No wobbly teeth here – just a firm grip that is as good as a natural jaw.

  3. Bye-bye, Denture Hassles: You know the struggle if you’ve ever used dentures. Zygomatic implants can be a liberator, freeing you from the hassle of removable teeth.

  4. Back to the Grind: Chewing shouldn’t be a chore. Zygomatic implants give you back the joy of eating without worrying about any damage or loosening the implant.
  5. Speedy Recovery: Traditional implants might take their time healing. Zygomatic implants often lead to a quicker recovery, allowing you to resume your daily activities sooner.
  6. Avoiding Bone Grafts: With regular implants, if your jawbone isn’t thick enough, you might need a bone graft. Zygomatic implants skip this step by attaching to the cheekbone, saving you from extra procedures.

Zygomatic implants are reliable, strong, and ready to tackle tooth troubles head-on. They’re not for everyone, but if you’ve been through the dental wringer and need a robust solution, these implants could be your hero. That said, it’s always best to chat with your dentist to figure out if they’re the right fit for you. While it has many advantages, sometimes other solutions can prove to be better overall.

You can also book a free consultancy at New Life Teeth Clinic to get an overview of the treatment that suits you better. Take your time to weigh your options because your smiles deserve the best.