It is fantastic to see businesses start to open again with the easing of lockdown, but it is understandable if business owners have some stress and anxiety because there are still restrictions in place and it is their responsibility to open in a Covid-19 secure way which will protect public health. So, how can you open your business safely after lockdown?

Communication is Key

Communication is always important in business but especially during uncertain times like this. Communicating with staff so that they know what is expected and answering any questions will keep people on the same page, ensure compliance and help people to feel safe and supported. This should also be extended to communicating with customers by showing them what steps you have taken to create a Covid-19 secure environment and reminding them of what they need to do to protect public health while visiting your business.

Know the Guidelines

Guidelines have been created to help businesses to set up in a Covid-19 secure manner and it is vital that you follow these to a T to protect public health and reassure both staff and customers. The steps that you will take are industry-specific so you need to find the guidelines online and implement these prior to opening. There are also many new risks in the workplace, so you might find it useful and reassuring to enlist risk consultants that will be able to help you to set up in a safe and secure manner.

Keep Safety & the Forefront

Understandably, many people are anxious about returning to work and consumers may also be worried about returning to a business. Therefore, you need to find ways to reassure staff and customers and keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s mind. You can do this with signage inside and outside of the business, providing hand sanitiser and showing people what steps you have taken to protect public health online on social media, on the company website and via email.


Adapt Business Model for the Future

While it is fantastic to see businesses slowly open back up again, it is clear that it is not a return to normal and the future will look different. This means that you may have to adapt in order to succeed which might involve contactless services, remote working, increasing your online presence, virtual services etc.


Hopefully, this post will give business owners more confidence in reopening their business and help them to succeed while still protecting public health and providing peace of mind for staff and customers.