Apple does a lot of stuff right. The Cupertino-based electronics giant has a knack for making the right decisions and proving its critics wrong. So when the company changes the way that it does its office space, your ears should prick up. 

Impressing your customers and potential colleagues with an office is not an easy task. Being something physical, it’s expensive to get right. With that said, if you can nail the basics, as Apple has done, you’re well on your way to success. 

So what are the keys to an office that oozes success?

Making It Uber Clean

Apple’s products are super clean and straightforward in their design, and so too are the company’s offices. You won’t find any dirt and grime here. The computer giant hires legions of professional cleaners who arrive at its offices early in the morning to make sure that everything is perfect. This is Apple after all. 

Hiring Receptionists Who Always Smile

Being a receptionist isn’t the most straightforward job in the world. You have to deal with all sorts of people, some of whom might be in a bad mood. Companies like Apple are careful in their selection of receptionists, choosing them for their almost superhuman ability to smile, even when they’re faced with an awkward interaction. Excellent reception staff are hard to come by, but if you can find one with the right personality, then you’re well on your way to creating a great impression. 


Choosing Fabulous And Quirky Decor


The purpose of office decor isn’t always to be as cheap and functional as possible. Just like at home, you can use it to inspire people and get the most out of them. You don’t need to stick with dull vinyl floors. Why not try a broadloom carpet or hand-cut tiles? 


Having A Smart Dress Code

It’s not the just the building that needs to create a great first impression, but the people too. Great dress code is, therefore, essential.

The important thing is that the people in your office stick to whatever code you suggest. Consistency is key. Different people wearing different things is confusing and a sign of disorganization.

Adding Greenery 

All businesses want their customers to perceive them as green and environmentally-friendly. We all need to club together to protect the environment for future generations.

It turns out that you can use your office as a way to convince customers and colleagues that you care deeply about the quality of the environment by including a few shrubs here and there. The presence of greenery gives people visiting your premises the impression that you are on top of your green agenda and making changes. Apple uses this tactic: so should you. 


Branding Everything

A professional office space should use generic stationery. It should all be branded with the logo of the firm and other information, where appropriate. When a recruit joins your office, you can impress them with branded pens, pencils, paper and even staplers – anything to cement your brand in their mind.