In the vast business arena, Artificial Intelligence is becoming more important than human jobs. It’s able to provide customer service or even diagnose disease and this means that many human workers are scared that Artificial Intelligence will replace perfectly good human workers. Many companies have used AI to automate specific processes and some have been able to give AI training to its employees, but with the age-old debate between human and machine, what can we do to ensure that they are working side-by-side effectively?

Remembering The Role Of Humans In Assisting The Machines

There are three components to this; that humans have to train the machines to perform the tasks, interpret those results, and then make sure the machines are kept in place by sustaining them. This means a deft combination of the right tools but also human help. There is so much technology out there that is essential for the foundation of Artificial Intelligence to work, whether it’s GPU servers for deep learning or lines of code that helps bots to function without a glitch, we must remember that humans are the foundation that keeps everything together.

Humans Need To Redesign The Operations

As helpful as Artificial Intelligence is, it is crucial that humans are the foundation to redesigning the business. It’s all well and good having AI in place but you must remember that to get the most value from it you’ve got to isolate an operational area that needs improvement. It could very well be an internal process, like administration, which can benefit from automation, but when a business leader is looking to improve processes AI can be used to analyse invisible problems. It’s still important for a human to have the overarching vision of the bigger picture which is something that AI cannot do. AI is still a tool that can help to drill down to small processes that ultimately help improve the bigger picture. And it’s also important that from the business perspective that any company has to liaise with stakeholders and clients which is something that AI is not capable of.


Using Machines To Help Make Better Human Decisions

The great resource that Artificial Intelligence provides is speed. When a company comes into problems, for example, if fraud has been detected, companies only have a few seconds to determine whether to approve a specific transaction. This means that if a request is granted to a fraudulent transaction this could cause problems for the company further down the line as well as lose consumer trust. But this means that while AI can help us to make better human decisions we need to have the right people on board. This means having people that have a combination of human decision-making skills but also know how to use the technology.


AI is not at a stage where it’s taking over people’s jobs. We have to remember that the vast majority of activities between human and machine require us to train the equipment to function for the benefit of a business. It will take some time before it completely eradicates the workforce but in the meantime, it is a tool and purely that.