The Swedish-Russian flight search startup Avionero launched their user friendly flight search site based on advanced AI technology in Germany on January 24th this year. Avionero has earlier launched a beta version in Sweden, Russia, USA and Spain, with great success. And due to their business model, they provide the largest inventory of flights – larger than other price comparison sites. In connection with Avionero launching in Germany, they also released a new feature that enables continent search – meaning that the user can search for flights across continents without having to choose a specific country.

With the help of AI-technology, Avionero is the first of its kind in the world to provide live searches with open criteria on price comparison level, which means users can, for example, search flights for a whole country, for a weekend trip or for a whole continent. The team behind Avionero has developed a new user friendly interface deeply connected to behavioural psychology, and they use a modern search technique similar to Google, Amazon, and YouTube. This, to be able to meet the population, personalise the search results, and obtain relevant recommendations for the user. Avionero has a very aggressive launching plan and they launch their site in a new country every third month. What country that will be the next one is decided via a voting page on the site, and this time the result became Germany. The team behind Avionero means that Germany will be one of their intended main markets. Lars Kristensson, one of the founders, means that Germany is a big and mature market and that the country offers a lot of competition which is something they really appreciate.

– I’ve been in the online flight search business for ten years, and have for a long time tried to argue that the existing services, and how they’re built today, doesn’t match the users’ needs. I know the market need Avionero – an online flight search website that’s established on people’s needs and wants, based on the thought process of people when they plan their travels. In Germany there are several strong brands in the online flight search business and of course it could be frightening for us, but we think the other way around. The more competition, the better. We know that we have a better site than the others and the more “players” at the market, the greater range of flights we can offer. In addition to that we have many contacts in Germany, which makes it easier to launch a new brand. Launching in Germany is also a bit fun for me personally. In my opinion Germany offers the best festivals in the world with the best electronic music scene, that I really like. Therefore Germany is a bit special to me, CEO and founder Lars Kristensson says.

The new continent feature has been very much in demand and works particulary good in combination with Avionero’s weekend search feature and the other, flexible search options. The team behind Avionero means that you often know that you want to go somewhere for a certain 

period of time, and that you might know what part of the world you want to travel to, but that it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a specific country. Instead one might be curious about a particular continent, for example go for a weekend trip somewhere in Europe. And for this purpose the continent search feature has been developed. The feature offers the

user flexibility, but with a direction, and it helps the user to – in a smooth way – find a nice destination to visit.

We’ve always been developing Avionero with having actual user needs in mind. A lot of people have flexibility in plans which is poorly supported by current solutions on the market and we wanted to encourage this behaviour: Explore, compare flights and be inspired by unexpected options! That was my main challenge in the user experience: How can we help people to search for flights based on how they actually think about it, rather than how it’s constrained by the current technology? We’re constantly working on developing and expand our search opportunities on the site, and the widest search opportunity we have right now is the continent search. I’m personally very excited about using the feature – especially now when I’m planning a trip to South America, Anton Tyulenev, co-founder and UX-designer of Avionero says.

Avionero was founded by Lars Kristensson, CEO and System Architect, and Anton Tyulenev, Vice President and Product Designer, in November 2015. The team behind Avionero consists of 10 people located in Sweden, Moscow, Bolivia, and Denmark. Via a pre seed-round, as well as a seed-round, Avionero has raised almost a million dollars. Now Avionero is in the process of a A-round of $2.5 million.