Are you looking for an ideal location to go on a vacation? Then you can see Singapore as a possibility! Renowned for its vibrancy and stunning lush sanctuaries, it can be a great spot for your next vacation. Singapore Changi Airport has become one of the world’s major airports.  A beautiful site that draws families, individual visitors, and tourists. The Singapore Trade Festival, the biggest indoor sky-ski corridor globally, sporting activities, and the notorious and loving art paradise, the National Art Museum, are some of the notable attractions. 

In case you are planning to book your tickets, you must first know about the crucial requirements of traveling to the island – the visa. Indian nationals require an authorized visa to go to numerous places across the world, including Singapore! But Singapore Visa on Arrival for Indians facility is not applicable right now.  

Do Indians require a Singapore visa?

Yes, Indians require a visa to travel to Singapore. The huge growth of travelers visiting Singapore has, meanwhile, made the procedure simpler and faster.

The embassy’s visitor visa allows travelers to stay for a minimum of 30 days. An entrance license implies that you might not have to reapply for the visa each time you visit Singapore!

The approval of a visa may be based on several fundamental conditions:

  • For the visa approval, a genuine 6-month passport for Indian citizens from the time of landing in Singapore. 
  • There must be enough money in the passport owner’s savings account throughout the time of the stay.

Types of Singapore Visa

While there is no facility of Singapore Visa on arrival for Indians, you can apply for the visa beforehand. Related to the objective of a visit, any of the visas may be obtained.

Tourist Visa: This visa is necessary for tourists who enter the nation to see friends and relatives.

Employment Pass: This visa may be applied by business executives or skilled people with an income above a specific limit.

Entrepreneur pass: This visa may be applied by foreign businesspeople who have newly created companies in Singapore. It is often carried for a year.

Customized employment pass: This category may be chosen by workers who weren’t in line with any specific employer. The bearer of that visa can move jobs till a term of six months is exceeded by unemployment. The documentation is generally valid for three years and cannot be renewed.

Different Work Passes: This kind of visa is issued for a limited period for persons who may not belong to any group.

Business Visa: For commercial reasons, those who visit Singapore, join seminars, events, and so on must seek a work visa.

Student Pass: International students throughout Singapore may apply to get a student visa.

Lifelong residence visa: Those who want to stay in Singapore should acquire this visa for a prolonged duration.

How can someone apply for a visitor visa via India in Singapore?

The method for applying for a visa from India for a vacation in Singapore is easy. The steps are-

  • Form 14A (PDF, 202KB), duly filled and signed by you. The information provided in this form will be used to make your visa application. ICA may make a request for the form to be filled out. 
  • A recent passport-sized colour photograph that was taken within the last three months is required. Information about photo criteria can be found in the Photo Guidelines. 
  • A photocopy of the biodata page of your passport (valid for at least six months from the date of your entry into Singapore) 
  • On a case-by-case basis, additional supporting documentation (e.g., Form V39A (PDF, 192KB) (Letter of Introduction for Visa Application (LOI)) may be necessary. 

To obtain the visa for Singapore, would take around 3-4 days. But it is best to apply a minimum of seven days prior, to be on the safer side. If you apply via “Care Health Insurance”, the visa procedure period can be accelerated, but our experts are always there for you. For any kind of problem, you can contact us via email or our official number.