The natural beauty of Mozambique is undoubtedly one of the leading factors in it’s recent popularity with tourists.

There are plenty of African countries that are making tourism headlines and it’s not hard to see why. The landscape is breathtaking, the native flora and fauna is amongst the most diverse in the world and new initiatives are allowing business brains to realise the natural potential in this stunning continent. Perhaps the country that has recently been leading the way through, is Mozambique. Set on the south eastern coast of Africa, looking out onto the Indian Ocean, Mozambique, despite its picturesque location, has not been without its struggles. This country is in the midst of great change and thankfully it’s leaders are now realising its potential for a peaceful and harmonious future.

New Gaming Laws Make Way For Casino Developments

With the announcement of Mozambique’s newly relaxed gaming laws, New Macau Casino has been able to create a glamorous new casino in Tete. New Macau Casino set out from the beginning to provide a better diversity of gaming than is available in other casinos, including no less than thirty gaming tables. Beginners are encouraged to get to grips with the basics of poker at the 3 card mini poker table, before learning the more complex rules of 7 card hold ’em poker. For those who are already poker pro’s there are plenty of other tables to linger over; a welcome and unparalleled choice in this area. Sticking to the language of the poker table, you could say that this new kid on the block made the right decision to raise the stakes and ultimately won the showdown.

Conservation Projects Create Tourist Destinations

Whale sharks are just one of the many fascinating species that make the waters around Mozambique their home.

Mozambique is blessed with one of the largest populations of whale sharks in Africa; it isn’t uncommon to see groups of up to 50 animals together. As well as whale sharks, Mozambique is also home to the rest of the ‘big five’ – that is, manta rays, hammerhead sharks, reef sharks and sea turtles. During migration, it’s easy to spot humpback whales as well. When you add to this the fact that Mozambique is mentioned frequently as one of the best places to scuba dive in the world, it’s not hard to see why ocean conservation is high on the list of important new laws.

One of the most successful conservation efforts can be found in Tofo, where a hugely popular volunteer programme has been in place for several years now. Tourists are invited to book a stay and to take part in conservation work, where they will help to gather data on the local ocean megafauna. Although working for a holiday can sound counter-intuitive, volunteering vacations are already a strong sector and are only gaining in popularity. This form of responsible tourism is creating jobs for the local economy in Tofo, as well as providing vital information to continue the conservation of the estuary, coast, mangroves and reefs around the oceans of Mozambique.

The Bazaruto Archipelago Welcomes Luxury Accommodation

Whilst there have long been exclusive hotels around the coast of Mozambique, one of the resorts that has been attracting the most attention recently is the new section of the andBeyond resort, situated on the island of Buengerra. The island is a truly magical destination, with crystal clear waters, thriving coral reefs, a dense jungle of native flora and picture-perfect views in every direction. It is no surprise then, that Condé Nast Traveller voted andBeyond Buengerra as the best new hotel in Africa.

The island lodge draws on both the African and Portuguese heritage of this culturally diverse country, in everything from the interiors of the rooms, to the options on the menu. There are just ten cabins or two larger houses for guests to choose from, giving this resort the feeling of privacy and seclusion. The interiors are bright and breezy, with crisp white linens, floaty gauze drapes and terracotta floors. Outside, each residence boasts its own private deck, as well as cool plunge pools. In the restaurant, guests are spoilt with freshly caught fish and locally grown produce. Creating truly luxury experiences for travellers is without doubt one of the ways that Mozambique is making it’s way into the forefront of the discerning traveller’s mind. Whilst the crown still belongs to andBeyond resort for now, it won’t be long before competition comes snapping at its heels.