HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 June 2024 – Waterdrop Financial is currently actively recruiting talents and providing industry-leading training programs for potential employees. The company’s goal is to inject new vitality into the Hong Kong insurance market through the cultivation of high-quality talent, driving innovation and development within the industry.

In response to the volatile financial landscape, individuals seeking stable investment avenues have turned to insurance, recognizing its reliability and security. Seizing this opportunity, Waterdrop Financial Services (Hong Kong) Limited, known as Waterdrop Financial, entered the Hong Kong market in 2023. Drawing from its invaluable experience in the mainland market and expertise in insurance technology, the company aims to collaborate with partners and inject fresh vitality into Hong Kong’s insurance sector.
Market Advantage: Empowering Consultants through Personal IP
Recognizing the growing prominence of insurtech, Waterdrop Financial takes pride in providing its consultants with training programs. Adian Cheng, Head of Consultancy at Waterdrop Financial, elaborated, “By mastering technology, consultants can enhance their personal competitiveness. Therefore, with the support of our Beijing headquarters, we have designed a five-week course that equips our colleagues with essential skills in video editing and unlocks the ‘traffic secrets’ of various social media platforms. Moreover, the course focuses on creating distinctive personal IP for our consultants.
Attracting Talent and Building a Strong Corporate Image
Waterdrop Financial remains highly optimistic about the market, actively harnessing the power of AI and big data to enhance the user experience and seizing the opportunities presented by insurtech and the Greater Bay Area. It ensures that our customers receive 24/7 assistance from dedicated professionals.
Regarding the path to becoming a professional financial advisor, Adian emphasizes the importance of a genuine passion for the field and capitalizing on support within the Greater Bay Area. He further revealed Waterdrop Financial’s plans to recruit talents, welcoming individuals interested in joining Hong Kong’s financial and insurance industries. Adian stated, “Currently, our team consists of 100 colleagues, and our goal this year is to expedite team expansion to 300 members. We warmly invite candidates with or without prior experience to join us, bolstering our competitive edge in insurance technology and forging the most professional and trustworthy advisory team.
The job application is currently open. For more information, please visit:

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Waterdrop Financial

Waterdrop Financial is a subsidiary of Waterdrop Inc., established in mainland China in 2016. The company’s diverse portfolio includes successful ventures such as Waterdrop Crowdfunding and Waterdrop Insurance Marketplace. Following its listing in the United States in 2021, Waterdrop Inc. expanded its operations to Hong Kong in 2023, offering customers comprehensive insurance advisory services.