SRIVILLIPUTTUR, INDIA – Media OutReach Newswire – 5 June 2024 – The Royal Mousse online franchise platform plans to establish at least 1,000 chain stores in India through a combined online and offline development model

The move marks a major milestone in the company’s global expansion efforts. Royal Mousse aims to revolutionize the investment landscape and employment opportunities in India, bringing financial growth and stable employment opportunities to millions of people.

Royal Mousse has taken a major step towards establishing an international presence, formulating comprehensive expansion plans to enter the Indian market in the future. Royal Mousse will usher in a new era of change by addressing the market disruption and economic losses that tens of thousands of Indians have long faced.

Charles Brown, CEO of Royal Mousse India, outlines the key factors behind the platform’s potential to transform the Indian market:

Security: All staff quotas of Royal Mousse are regulated by the Bank of India. Once financial risks occur, Bank of India will make every effort to prevent financial risks.

Promotion: Royal Mousse has a complete star promotion system. Team leaders with management capabilities have the opportunity to become senior managers, shareholders, and store managers.

Transparency: Every staff member of Royal Mousse can view tax returns while ensuring transparency of every income.

Goal: Royal Mousse adopts a leading online and offline development model to develop the market. First, we will focus on online development. Get more shop manager candidates. After passing the review. These shop manager candidates will be eligible to apply to open a store.

Market planning: Royal Mousse will open physical chain stores in various counties and cities in India. It is expected to complete the goal of 1,000 chain stores in 2026, and the combination of online and offline development will provide employment opportunities for at least 10 million Indians.
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About Royal Mousse:

The Royal Mousse online franchise platform aims to empower individuals through a convenient and transparent development model that combines online and offline. Anyone can embark on a journey to financial independence and success with just a mobile phone.

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