Links are still considered one of the most relevant factors determining a website’s rank. A couple of years ago, Google’s Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev stated that the search engine takes into account the number and quality of links leading to a website when it establishes its rank. This statement seems to stay true, even if Google has completed several updates since then. 

That’s why online marketing specialists pay close attention to building links and acquiring only quality backlinks. Unfortunately, many companies employ methods that are marked as black hat link building, achieving the opposite results of what they were looking for. Here are some techniques they used, trying to trick the search engine into ranking their websites higher.

– Link baiting. Some companies went to the lengths of creating scholarships to convince university web admins to publish their links. They even invented awards to get linked awards logos on winner websites. 

– Link trading. Businesses connected with other companies to link to each other’s websites, regardless of whether they offered services relevant to the target audience. 

– Link buying. Companies buy backlinks packages from link farms, blog networks, or link brokers. 

When Google launched the Penguin algorithm in 2012, it wiped the websites using these methods, and online marketing experts had to come up with original content to build links that would keep their clients off Google’s radar. The most popular grey hat methods companies use nowadays are:

– Guest posting. Businesses hire content writers to create articles with links to their websites to publish them online. 

– Press release. Companies write press releases containing links to their website and share them on PR websites. 

Google has made it clear that its main goal is to connect searchers with high-quality content and encourage companies to earn links genuinely. 


Do links impact the current Google Algorithm?

Through Panda and Penguin, Google updated its algorithm to prioritise high-quality content and penalise black hat techniques. Panda was meant to detect when the target of a link wasn’t relevant to the page content, lowering the relevance of guest posting and link trading. Penguin aimed to identify the websites taking advantage of link buying and penalise the domains that supported spammy backlinks. Through these two updates, the search engine eliminated black-hat practices. 

The present algorithm prioritises websites that receive links from highly trusted sources. Google equates trust with rankability and uses a Trust score to establish a top of websites, ranking for the same keyword. The most popular rankability metric, Domain Rating, uses a score between 0 and 100 to establish a website’s position. Governments, news providers, and Fortune 1000 organisations have the highest scoring. 

The companies with the highest rankings are 

– Apple

– Microsoft

– NY Times

– Wall Street Journal

– Sales Force

The average website providing high-quality content has a domain rating between 10 and 30, and well-known brands have pages with DR ranging from 60 to 75. This is why some websites always appear at the top of Google rankings, and others rarely are listed on the first pages. 

Because high-trust websites confer increased ranking value on recipients of links, a single link from a domain like Wall Street Journal or NY Times is worth more than 100 from a website with a small Google Trust score. 

What’s in store for link building in 2023?

For those hiring link building services to gain a competitive edge through SEO, collaborating with an experienced agency is necessary because few online marketing experts produce original high-quality content that creates relevant links. Content can attract links if it features easily shareable information and contains the following:

– Quantitative reports with data analysis, statistical compilations, and custom research. It’s easy for professional content writers to create this kind of content because most businesses have access to industry data and can use it to produce valuable content for bloggers, journalists, and researchers. 

– Creatively-organised articles that deliver information in a unique and catchy way. Infographics are popular among content creators, but they usually overwhelm the daily reader, and it’s best to switch to alternatives like data visualisations, graphs, and tables. 

– Distilled expertise pieces that discuss complex subjects in simple language. Delivering this kind of content requires businesses to collaborate with industry experts who are also good communicators. 

An online marketing agency offering link building Italy based should utilise the above strategies to create content that acts like a magnet for readers because it provides them with real value, which is also aligned with Google’s requirements. These pieces of content usually earn the trust of Internet users, who share them with others and boost the conversion rate. 

Quick efficient ways to build links in 2023

Create resource pages

Creating resource pages on your website is an effective way to build relationships with other websites looking to share relevant content about your niche. Use keywords and include outbound links to other well-known resources to improve the relevance of your resources. 

Guest blogging

Guest blogging has become essential for link-building over the last few years because it enables you to build valuable backlinks and get more visibility to your website. Before you hire an online marketing agency to help you with your guest blogging efforts, establish your goals. Determine what type of audience you target and specific goals for your campaigns. 

Create quality content

No one can deny that content will still be king when it comes to link building in 2023. The secret to building links is to create quality content that targets your ideal client. Quality content comes in several forms, from case studies to eBooks, blogs, and infographics. Make sure to approach popular topics in your industry and integrate keywords in the meta description, title, and body text. 

Share relevant content

Another great way to build links is to share relevant content with other websites. Identify the topics your target public likes to read about and create captivating content that appeals to them. Rankings and lists are the most attractive forms of content.