What is the significance of a pre-employment test?  

To ensure that you attain professional and effective work force, you have to make sure that you have the correct methods of recruitment. Recruitment program is not only for recruiting sake but there is a lot more to this. In case your recruitment program is not proper, productive and even professional, it could harm the quality of the employees who would work in your organization. And you know it well that the productivity of your organization relies on the effectiveness of your employees.

What can be done here?

You can check out pre employment test and this test would permit your recruitment program twofold. You would ensure that your recruitment program possesses no leakage and is absolutely effective.  You know to recruit the right person for the job and in your business has always been one of the largest challenges that all employers face. Since skills have turned out to be more technical and roles turn out to be a lot more specialised, it is no longer sufficient for employers to just depend on resumes, cover letters and even that of interviews to form a well-versed decision on who is the right candidate to hire. This is the reason why more candidates are asked to go for pre-employment assessments tests as part of their interview procedure.

Why do employers ask applicants to take this test?

Employers and recruiters ask candidates to take pre-employment tests during the recruitment procedure to recognize candidates who have the top most potential and screen out the ones who are not at all qualified for the role. While most of these examinations are carried out online, some might be carried out at the office of the employees under close supervision to ensure there is independence.

What is the objective of this test?

The objective nature of these types of pre-employment exams allows employers to authenticate the data provided by candidates. Such pre-employment exams offer the employers validated means in measuring the overall behaviour, character and even that of skills of the potential employees. What is the point of being an employer if you get fascinated by the fancy achievements that are mentioned in the resume and recruit a candidate and end up realizing he does not possess even twenty percent of what was mentioned in the resume?  It would be spurious. It would be so heart-breaking, expensive and of course, unacceptable.

These assessment tests have made it absolutely convenient and comfortable for HR departments to hunt potential candidates from a huge pool of job applicants. Once organisations can authenticate the applicants’ ability to carry out the job well, it could lead to lower turnover, diminished hiring costs and better level of productivity for the company. Following are the a few kinds of common pre-employment exams. Remember in the presence of a rising dependence on the data-driven recruiting process, recruiters and interviewers might ask potential candidates to take a few assessments during the interview procedure to assist them make a better decision. There are three main types of assessments – personality evaluation, cognitive test and also that of technical capability.

Personality test 

One of the most common kinds of pre-employment exam is this personality test. Employers wish to hire employees who can bring something more than simply work-related skills. Personality assessments do offer proper and valuable insights into the cultural fit of the candidate with the team and company. For instance, the role of a manager is going to demand someone with huge leadership qualities like the capability to listen, coach and command.

Cognitive test 

Speaking of cognitive ability tests, these are generally deemed as the rightest predictor of job performance. Applicants are measured on their ability to think well and solve the issues in an effective manner. It is known that folks possessing high levels of cognition possess the ability to come up with good solutions that can be properly applied in rapidly-changing setups.

Aptitude tests or that of skills assessment exam

Though the aptitude and character of a person are critical in the evaluation process, it is equally crucial to determine if the applicant is equipped with the relevant skills that are required to get the job done through technical assessments. Actually, you know there is an improved trend for employers to measure the technical competencies of the candidates, chiefly for roles that demand the methodological application of skills. Some of the examples of these roles are such as software developers, content writers and even that of software engineers. These skills assessments might be of great help for the recruiters or employers determine the real capabilities of the applicants and identify high-performing talent who shall be a great fit for the designation or job role, team or company. After all, what is the point if you pick an individual merely on the basis of his core skills and do not realise that they lack all other usual technical skills? Come on, this is an age of overall skills.

Why should employers worry about pre-employment exam?

You know in case you are organizing a long recruitment program, it gets your responsibility to ensure that it is smooth, effective and professional. What is the point if your recruitment program possesses leakages and downsides?  Once the recruitment program is featured with pre-employment exam, the candidates would get assessed in the best light.  

Actually, resume scanning and interview are the two portions of any recruitment program that are absolutely essential. But these days these two things are not sufficient. You have to own the professional tests to ensure that the candidates get assessed in the finest manner. Here, a pre-employment exam is absolutely productive and effective. It could ensure that the skills and knowledge of the candidate gets examined right there and then. There is going to be no impartiality and whoever performs well in the test gets a seat in the next stage of the recruitment program. And also, remember to set the test before the time of interview because that is how it should be in recruitment program.


So, since you have this powerful tool of pre-employment exam, make sure that you are making the most of it.