Digital marketing is about to get more competitive than ever. More businesses invest heavily in digital marketing and online assets due to the changes happening in the market, so you now have more competitors targeting the same market segments.

Going the extra mile and making sure that your campaigns are targeting the right segments perfectly is how you stay ahead, but staying ahead alone is not enough. You have to maintain a competitive advantage in the digital marketing landscape, and automation is how you do it.

Multiple Platforms, Multiple Campaigns

Digital marketing can no longer be seen as a campaign-per-campaign thing. In fact, digital marketing instruments can no longer be treated as separate instruments. Integration is the keyword here. Your email marketing campaigns must be aligned with your social media content, your landing page optimization, and other digital marketing instruments you use.

Automation helps with the integration of platforms and campaigns. Rather than having to manually update tools Salesforce or HubSpot, you can now use PieSync to seamlessly perform two-way synchronization. This means both platforms are operating on the same (and up-to-date) data, allowing activities on both of them to be more aligned.

The same is true with funneling data from other tools. You can use Outlook contacts for Mailchimp campaigns. You can trigger the delivery of emails based on Autopilot lead score. PieSync as a synchronization tool certainly makes these tasks more manageable, which is why integrating multiple platforms is now very easy to do.

Make It Personal(ized)

Gone are the days of sending the same promotional offers to everyone in your market category. While some promotional offers are universal, you want to fine-tune the campaigns you run to be more personal. This is how you produce a bigger impact on the market, especially in one that is quickly becoming competitive.

Personalization is something you can automate too. A simple mail merge used to be enough to impress customers, but you have to automate more things to win their attention now. Fortunately, you also have more tools to do so.

A good example is the personalized newsletter content you can now send to an audience. You can add content based on the specific recipient’s interest, past purchase history, and other details. The email will certainly feel personalized and more contextual in the eye of the recipient, mainly because every content is tailored to that person.

Reallocate Resources

The real benefit of automating digital marketing activities, however, is the extra time, money, and resources you can reclaim. Synchronizing contacts or writing reports used to be tasks handled by 

digital marketers. You can now reassign new responsibilities to the digital marketers whose repetitive tasks you automate.

As a result, you scale your digital marketing efforts up without actually hiring more people or spending more money. Combined with the fact that automation also increases the pace of your digital marketing activities, there is no doubt that it is the way forward in today’s competitive market.

The tips and tricks found in this article will help you leverage automation to gain a significant competitive advantage. Be sure to capitalize on that newfound advantage and grow your business further.