There are several different alternative payment methods used in Europe. In this Macropay review, let us look at the most popular APM’s for you to incorporate into your business.

Online retailers in Europe offer a multitude of different alternative payment methods. Staying safe while making transactions online is incredibly important and remaining updated on the most popular methods will help to inform you on the best choices for you and your business.

Popular APMs in Europe

There are numerous local payment method options out there and each country has its own preferences. Therefore, online retailers in Europe need to adapt and offer many kinds of alternative payment methods to their customers if they want to reach as many people as possible.

As an online retailer operating on the continent, you don’t need to offer all of the alternative payment methods out there. However, having access to the widely used APM’s will ensure that your customers are able to make payments and be able to take payment methods also. It is also  recommended that you adapt your online business to the country or region of destination or target demographic.

Research shows that the top preferred local payment methods in Europe are e-wallets at 44% of users and is followed by card payments which are used by 42%, and PayPal, which is used by 32%.

Let’s have a look at the preferred payment methods in Europe in 2021.

The Most Popular Methods

 The statistics for the most popular methods in Europe in general are:

  1. Digital wallets – 44%
  2. Card – 42%
  3. PayPal – 32%
  4. Pay on delivery – 11%
  5. Apple/Google/Samsung Pay – 3%

Furthermore, the popularity of payment methods differs between countries. The most popular local payment methods vary from country to country, which is evidenced below.

Country Payment method %
Austria Invoice 43%
Belgium Visa/Mastercard 51%
Croatia Digital wallet 53%
Czech Republic Bank transfer 58%
Estonia Bank transfer 67%
France Visa/Mastercard 45%
Germany Invoice 51%
Hungary Cash-on-delivery 54%
Ireland Digital wallet 46%
Latvia Visa/Mastercard 56%
Italy Digital wallet 51%
Lithuania BankLink 66%
Netherlands iDeal 84%
Poland Bank transfer 52%
Portugal Digital wallet 62%
Romania Cash-on-delivery 69%
Slovakia Cash-on-delivery 72%
Slovenia Cash-on-delivery 53%
Spain Digital wallet 57%
Switzerland Visa/Mastercard 55%
UK Digital wallet 46%

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yments easily. This also ensures that your business is accessible to as many people as possible. It is always

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