These days, it’s more important than ever to keep data safe in your business. Whether it’s customer data or data relating to your company, it needs to be safe from all threats. As such, you have to take measures to ensure your data protection strategy is as good as it can be. A lot of options are available, so make sure you explore as many of them as possible.

Hire Ethical Hackers

Your brain automatically associates all hackers with bad things. However, an ethical hacker is the complete opposite of what you might think. Instead of trying to hack into your system to steal all your data, they try to see where all the weak security points are. An ethical hacker attempts to break your cybersecurity, then comes up with solutions to counter your weaknesses. Eventually, they reach a point where your system is almost impossible for them to break into. This offers excellent protection from cyber threats and criminal hackers.

Secure Your Building

Some companies are guilty of getting caught up in the whole cybersecurity thing that they forget about the physical security of their business. It’s all well and good protecting your network from hackers, but what if someone breaks into your office and steals a hard drive? What if someone manages to sneak in and takes pictures of screens or figures out passwords before they’re ejected? These things can happen when you don’t have the right security in your building. One thing to consider is access control, which essentially gives your doors another layer of protection. People need a code to enter, or they have to have a unique keyfob. Secure the front of your building like this, along with your office door as well. If you’ve got a server room, then this needs access control protection as well! You’ll prevent break-ins, which keeps all the data safe.

Use Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a solution that’s almost been born out of the need to protect data more effectively. If you use it, you can store data in the cloud, which prevents the need for physical storage. As such, there’s less risk of someone stealing your data. Cloud storage also comes with a very deep layer of security that makes it harder for people to hack into. It can be encrypted as well, which means you need a password to access the files. A good rule of thumb is to have your data on physical drives, but also have it stored in the cloud. Let’s say there’s a fire or flood and your office is destroyed. Without your cloud storage, all of the vital information on your hard drives and servers will be lost. So, it adds protection in this form as well.

Data protection is such a hot topic because a data breach can be absolutely catastrophic. Imagine your customer’s information got leaked, hackers could have access to their financial details, personal information, and so on. It makes your company look awful, and you’re held responsible for it. You’d lose the majority of your customers, which would hit your business hard. Also, imagine your business data got stolen, then all your inner workings would be revealed, and some of your big plans could be seen. It creates huge issues, so make sure you protect all data as best as you can!