Maximised your customer base? Decreasing returns in your home country? Dreams of expanding  your business and branching out? Going global can be a great way to speed up growth and capitalise on returns, and companies of all sizes are establishing operations in foreign markets to bolster their bottom line. One of the most exciting milestones in a company’s lifecycle is when it is ready to expand into new territory, and more and more UK based businesses are looking to develop overseas, hoping to mitigate the Brexit risk and reap the rewards of an international stage. Stronger economic conditions, accessing more revenue, competing for new sales, investment opportunities, diversifying, gaining competitive advantage, reducing costs and recruiting new talent are just a few of the reasons that are driving businesses to look toward international expansion.

The world has become more connected and broadly-available technology enables businesses to reach international markets faster than ever before, facilitating expansion for ambitious business leaders. However, expanding into a new territory can be a culture shock and going global isn’t easy. It’s complex, it’s messy and there are numerous hurdles. Between establishing a fresh customer base, learning new laws and regulations, finding trustworthy partners and trusted staff and becoming familiar with the local customs, the road to becoming a global company is difficult to navigate. However, organisations can overcome differences in geography, language, regulation and culture to forge and create a successful global business with the help of an expert ally like Globalization Partners. Globalization Partners can eliminate barriers to business and make it easy for companies to hire in more than 170 countries within days, without the need to set up costly international subsidiaries.

Expanding your team, product, and operations internationally is an exciting period, and going global should fuel your company’s growth, not slow it down. It is crucial to be one step ahead of your competitors, capturing all the benefits of the first-mover advantage. However, in order to capture global marketshare, companies have to get people on the street in those countries as quickly as possible, so having a company like Globalization Partners take care of the logistical landscape is indispensable. The bar for successful globalization is continuously rising, and it is not enough anymore for globalization to merely be a business priority.

A company like Globalization Partners can help you gain access quickly and easily by sorting out the legal, regulatory and hiring logistics of international expansion, so you don’t have to. Going global will always have its challenges, but you can be certain companies that have opened subsidiaries in other countries and navigated complex legal, tax and regulatory environments on their own in the past wish this solution had been available a long time ago. Globalization Partners deals with all the red tape of cross-border recruitment so business leaders can stay 100% focused on their role. After being in the doldrums the past few years, the global economy is set to pick up steam in 2020. The time is nigh for ambitious businesses to look further afield to global expansion.