British fintech platform Curve has announced a new partnership with PayPal, integrating the digital wallet into its application, with the aim of enhancing PayPal’s offline payment capabilities. PayPal will now be an available payment method alongside other registered payment methods and cards within the Curve app.

Curve has confirmed that users wishing to pay for goods or services on their phone via PayPal only need to log in to their PayPal account within the Curve app to begin the process.

PayPal is on a mission to improve its Point-of-Sale exposure

Both personal and business PayPal accounts can be linked to Curve without needing to disclose any account or debit/credit card details, improving financial security for all. The Curve card can then be checked as a preferred payment method, allowing PayPal to be used as a Point-of-Sale option rather than exclusively for digital transactions.

The partnership between Curve and PayPal will also enable purchasers to accrue cashback on payments made with their PayPal accounts. The cashback will be generated within Curve Cash balances, ready to spend on other payments or stored away for spending on treats like birthdays or the festive season.

PayPal remains one of the most versatile e-wallets on the planet. It’s accepted by all kinds of sectors for payments, deposits, and withdrawals alike today. In fact, it’s now a preferred payment method for many services across industries.

Food delivery services like Uber Eats are fast becoming a staple, allowing people to get fresh meals delivered fast from heaps of local eateries. PayPal has partnered with Uber Eats to allow people to gift money for use within the Uber Eats app directly through PayPal. Further, most e-commerce sites powered by Shopify will typically allow PayPal payments for goods and services, as well as the ‘Pay-in-3’ interest-free payment solution. Even entertainment niches like iGaming have brought PayPal on board with Mr Q enabling deposits and withdrawals from PayPal accounts. Withdrawals via PayPal take just six hours too, compared to the standard three to five working days using traditional Visa or Mastercard accounts.

The Curve app boasts rapid growth 

One of the latest fintech apps to enter the UK market, Curve enables consumers to create a Curve Wallet that links all their active bank accounts and cards. Users can also pay from any account using just one contactless Curve card.

There’s even the ability to ‘switch’ past payments made from one linked bank card to another using Curve’s innovative ‘Go Back in Time’ functionality. The ‘Smart Rules’ feature also makes it possible to define parameters for which card is used for transactions. For instance, you can decide which debit card is used for certain payments like the weekly food shop or dining out. You can also define a payment cap so that transactions over £100 will only come out of one specific card, all of which is designed to turbocharge your spending power and give you greater oversight of your money.

In September, Curve managed to raise a further £58 million for its growth cause via a series C funding round. This means the fintech app has now received £133 million+ in total funding, featuring the likes of Britannia, Cercano Management, Outward VC, among other leading investment outfits in the UK.