As any investor knows, stocks can rise, and stocks can fall. Stocks can also capitalise on the popularity they had which launched them initially.

Momentum stocks is a term for stocks that are currently seeing a strong upturn. They share a certain similarity with growth stocks. However, potential investors should be wary of the difference. Both growth stocks and momentum stocks are holdings that are experiencing an upturn, but the rate can be quite different.

Momentum stocks often see an intense upsurge in their growth, whereas growth stocks experience a more gradual increase.

Here are 5 stocks that have performed well recently that will be hoping to continue to keep a strong momentum.

  1. Tesla IncTesla is the biggest automaker by market value. The company’s market cap stands at around $605 billion.

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The fact that it is the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles is expected to raise its standing even further.

The world as it stands is looking for environmental options in personal transport. With world governments making pledges to seriously cut global emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, the rise of the electric car has never been timelier.

Tesla also produces solar energy generating products and solar energy storage options. The supplier has shown itself to be ahead of the curve in offering clean-energy products in various industries.

 It has also proven popular with consumers looking to combine environmental sustainability with luxury. The consistent branding of luxury vehicles with a strong ecological outlook promises to continue to raise Tesla’s stock yet further.

  1. 888 Holdings


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888 Holdings is enjoying a more than healthy rise at the moment. The company that looks after a range of sports, poker and gambling entertainment sites has experienced a strong upsurge in recent months.

The plc is part of a growth in online gaming and gambling entertainment across the board.

In the last year, 888 holdings, usually known as 888.com, has seen an intense growth in its share prices. Much of this momentum can be ascribed to a greater interest in gaming online and mobile sports entertainment.

Their poker product has seen arguably the most impressive growth in the past 12 months, with 48% growth in revenue. They’ve attributed this to their Made to Play platform, the software features state-of-the-art technology for an improved online poker experience.

Tied in with this is the rapidly changing world of gambling regulations and legalities. As more territories around the world open up to online gaming, particularly in the United States, the signs all look good for the company.

It is expected that the continued advancement of players logging onto online games will help raise 888’s stock even further.

  1. Viacom CBS Inc

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 One of the biggest names in entertainment, Viacom CBS Inc is a mass media conglomerate.

Formed in 2019 through the merger of CBS Corporation and Viacom, the company operates over 170 networks. Reaching over 700 million subscribers, the company creates and distributes its content via cable, network, and local television.

It looks after MTV, CBS Television Network, Nickelodeon and Showtime Network, amongst other properties.

This year, the company announced that they had agreed an 11-year deal with the National Football League for multi-platform rights.

This agreement will begin operation in 2023 and is sure to bolster the value of the company’s share price still further. It entitles CBS Sports to increase the number of football games broadcast and streamed by the television station on different services.

  1. Etsy Inc

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  Etsy is an excellent example of a company that serves a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. The e-commerce website specialises in trading art, craft, and vintage items. Its sellers are independent small businesspeople and artists. Almost everything on Etsy falls under the category of jewellery, or arts and craft.

First founded over 15 years ago, the company has seen a recent strong showing in its share prices. The momentum of the company can be linked to a marketplace keen to invest in and support independent artists.

One of the big winners of the internet boom of the last 20 years, Etsy has also seen recent success. According to investment specialists, Etsy is around the top of the internet retail industry.

Ranking highly on the majority of its stocks, Etsy has been a popular choice for investment in recent months.

During 2020 the company’s stock quadrupled in value, seeing a surge of 301%.  With a keener awareness of consumers and collectors seeking out new creative items to invest in, Etsy’s rise looks set to continue.

  1. Tronox PLC

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Tronox PLC is an expert in the mining and manufacture of speciality metals. Tronox’s products can be found in a wide range of everyday products. These include household paints, industrial dyes, and plastic packaging. Caustic soda and gypsum are also appreciable bi-products of the manufacturing process.

While in many ways, the company’s products do not have the cache of state of the art or hi-tech, they are consistently valued by the market.

The company also mines titanium ores and uses them in the production of titanium dioxide. This white pigmentation product has been a significant reason for the company’s continued growth.

Indeed, in the last 12 months Tronox stocks have recorded a 224% gain. In the fourth quarter of 2020, the company say titanium dioxide increase by 8%. The company expects the sales of the oxide to continue to gain throughout 2021.

Shrewd investors looking to make a smart move on the stocks should always be aware of a company’s momentum.

If they can assess recent upturns correctly and invest at the right time, they can stand to gain a welcome profit. As all of these stocks show, an upsurge in growth can deliver significant financial rewards.