SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 June 2024 – ScanKomfort by Scanteak, a leading name in luxury bedding solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of two new premium hybrid mattresses – RUHEMEISTER and KLIMAKOMFORT – offering customers better comfort and restorative sleep. Available to purchase now, these mattresses embody ScanKomfort’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day with ScanKomfort luxury mattresses.
Wake up refreshed and ready to embrace the day with ScanKomfort luxury mattresses.

“At ScanKomfort, we always seek new opportunities to enhance the overall sleep experience for our customers,” said Jamie Lim, CEO of Scanteak. “With the launch of RUHEMEISTER and KLIMAKOMFORT, we aim to provide our customers with step-ups in features while delivering the same comfort and quality they have come to expect from us.”

RUHEMEISTER – German Precision, Unparalleled Comfort

Made and assembled in Germany, RUHEMEISTER aligns where luxury meets innovation, merging the finest materials with German craftsmanship for exceptional sleep comfort and durability. This hybrid German-made mattress combines individually pocketed springs that move independently to reduce motion transfer with a 7-Zone support system that offers varying intensities for seven different parts of the body, including the head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs, and feet, to provide users with targeted and long-lasting support and a peaceful, uninterrupted sleep experience.

In addition, the mattress is layered with OEKO-TEX-certified fabrics, offering a healthy and allergy-safe option for even the most sensitive sleepers. This, along with its removable, machine-washable covers, makes it convenient for users to maintain a clean and sanitised sleeping environment. To top it off, RUHEMEISTER features PU foam for its top and bottom layers for additional comfort.

KLIMAKOMFORT – German-Made Cooling Innovation

Designed and made in Germany, KLIMAKOMFORT offers the same innovative features as RUHEMEISTER, including a 7-Zone support system, OEKO-TEX-certified fabrics, and removable machine-washable covers.

In addition, the mattress features a cooling fabric that actively regulates body temperature and promotes airflow, capable of reducing the surface temperature by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, thus making it ideal for the warm, tropical climate of Singapore. With it, users can enjoy an undisturbed and cooling sleep throughout the night.

ORTHO SUPPORT – Affordable Comfort And Quality For Every Sleeper

For customers seeking a more affordable budget-friendly option without compromising quality, ScanKomfort is also launching ORTHO SUPPORT, a mattress catered to their sleeping needs.

Featuring individually wrapped pocketed springs that move independently, the mattress minimises motion transfer, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted rest throughout the night. The pocketed springs are complemented by a 3-Zone support system to provide targeted relief for the shoulders, hips, and lower back, promoting proper spinal alignment and alleviating pressure points.

To deliver additional comfort and ensure a cooler, rejuvenating sleep experience, the mattress is further enhanced with high-density foam and engineered with cooling fabric technology to regulate body temperature and promote airflow. The cooling mattress is also topped off with anti-dustmite properties to safeguard against bacteria and fungus, providing a hygienic allergy-free sleep environment for users.

Delivering Luxury And Comfort With ScanKomfort’s High-Quality Mattresses

Even with the launch of its new pocket spring mattresses, ScanKomfort is keen to look forward towards the future and examine how the company can continue delivering high-quality sleep experiences designed for consumers.

“We are incredibly excited about the unveiling of RUHEMEISTER and KLIMAKOMFORT, along with our more budget-friendly mattress, ORTHO SUPPORT,” added Jamie. “However, we do not intend to rest on our laurels and remain dedicated to providing unparalleled comfort and quality to our customers. With each new product, we reaffirm our commitment to innovation and excellence. I’m excited to continue this journey of enhancing sleep experiences for years to come.”

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