Every firm has a range of different options it can take when hoping to grow their brand. Success can differ from company to company even if they follow the same route, so it truly matters that you know what’s best for you and your brand, and how you might capitalize on your opportunities. However, just like anything, it’s also best not to think too firmly ‘within the box.’ This can only lead to boring repetition, and a strenuous marketing push that goes unnoticed.


Marketing is more of an art form than a direct science. You can only measure results, and even then, the results can vary in their approach. For example, is a work of art successful if it sells for a high price? Or is it successful if people understand and appreciate its technique, and come to trust the artist? Similar parallels could be drawn to your marketing methods.


Any marketer worth their salt will know that keeping their mind open to all options on the table is a great idea. But as a new business, this can be hard to keep track of. To that end, we would like to offer you some useful advice in order to help you progress, and develop a marketing standard you can be proud of. Who knows, with a little extra push, you might exponentially increase your exposure and begin to shift your way to true success.


Exclusive Visibility Marketing


When we think of successful marketing, we often think of that which will work to gain the most outreach. In other words, we want to be seen by as many eyes as possible. But this is a limited means of considering how you might drum up interest. After all, a war is not won by how much damage you do, but by what territory you gain, what supply lines you capture, 

what you can do to win both hearts and minds. To that extent, it’s also best not to view marketing as simply a ‘numbers’ game. For example, it’s not how many people click on your link, but how many might execute a sale from that page.


However, we would like to limit this current conversation regarding visibility. For this, we might consider how the ever growing popular trend of ‘street food trucking’ works. A food truck serves good food. It has good branding. It moves from place to place. It builds a name for itself. It is visible, but only in certain cities, at certain times. It uses social media to enhance this need to ‘see’ the truck. All of a sudden, those who visit or see your truck become part of an exclusive club. This is exciting news for them. They will take pictures, use your hashtag to promote their sighting, and wish to eat there.

Exclusive marketing, provided artificially, can be more powerful than you think. This is why marketing your business could be very well done through a traveling demonstrative stage setup, or perhaps VW used vans, repurposed, could help you paint and present a message around a few States or cities. It takes guts, a real direction and a vision to accomplish this, but it can be a truly favorable means of marketing to help you get to the next step. To that extent, we think it could be truly worth doing.


Produce Your Own Content


Not enough businesses know the value of content outreach. They might find it worthwhile to use tailored excellent SEO or targeted advertisement services to reach their audience, and to that extent, they might enjoy great success. But that’s hardly were their approach might stop. Again, let’s use the lens of a food business to help illustrate our point.


Consider you are a new restaurant, hot on the seen in Los Angeles. You have some heavy hitters to content with. From fine dining to the aforementioned street trucks to new interests in home cooking, you not only have to ensure customers feel excited about your brand, but you need to have them feel that way night after night after night. This is where taking the means to produce your own content can be a fantastic measure of self-improvement for a firm.


Consider YouTube. For almost pennies, you might decide to record and edit a recipe. Perhaps said item is on your menu. Eschewing describing your secret ingredients, you might show how to make ‘the ultimate steak,’ or something equally mouthwatering regarding your niche. Not only have you provided excellent content from your expert chef, but you’ve presented your goods, and make your potential customer base hungry. All this cost you was a monthly subscription to an editing software. An iPhone camera can record in 4K, and so you’re covered there. YouTube hosting is free. The cost of the steak might come into play. But aside from these minimal needs, you have immediately produced something that could be shared, salivated over, and enjoyed.


Translate this potential to your own businesses, and before you know it, you’ve once again developed a fantastic intentional marketing habit.

Celebrate Your Industry


There’s something quite unsettling about a business that ignores or disregards its industry. It just doesn’t seem right. Consider a sports store that has seemingly no interest in motivating its clients to be their better selves. Consider a marketing agency that fails to attend events in their industry, keeping abreast of trends. Consider a whiskey manufacturer who has little interest in promoting the artisanal art of crafting their product.

Celebrating your industry through visibility and presence can be a worthwhile venture. It takes time to do, and it might mean investment, but it can certainly help you seem like a player in your field. You seem trustworthy. You can network more appropriately. And you can also revivify or contribute to the loving care of the craft that’s keeping you in business. To us, that’s a worthwhile enterprise.


With these tips, you are certain to enjoy intentional marketing efforts that are worth following.