Gold prices increased on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, partially recovering from the losses of the previous day. This rebound coincided with a renewed focus on the upcoming United States inflation data in an attempt to unravel interest rate outlooks. Despite a previous week that showed some strength for the yellow metal, it remained substantially below its historical highs recorded in April. Most traders continue to lean towards the dollar, fueled by fears that interest rates in the United States will remain high for an extended period.

During Tuesday’s session, gold reached a value close to $2,357.00 per ounce, a significant increase reflecting uncertainty and volatility in financial markets. However, attention is focused on the upcoming Consumer Price Index (CPI) announcement scheduled for Wednesday, May 15, 2024. This data is widely anticipated as a critical indicator that could influence US interest rate prospects.

The reading of the US Producer Price Index (PPI), also published on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, showed an increase of 0.5%, surpassing expectations of 0.3%. However, the spotlight remains on the CPI, whose results could significantly impact market expectations. This data comes from a context where inflation readings in the first quarter of the year essentially led to the dismissal of expectations for interest rate cuts this year.

Despite certain obstacles for gold, such as high interest rates that increase the opportunity cost of investing in this metal, it has found support in safe-haven demand, especially amid growing geopolitical tensions in the Middle East. However, easing these tensions, particularly between Iran and Israel, has left gold vulnerable to pressures stemming from interest rate expectations.

In conclusion, gold faces a volatile and challenging environment, where price fluctuations are closely linked to investor expectations regarding interest rates and inflation readings. As markets eagerly await critical economic data, gold finds itself at a crossroads, where pressures from monetary policies and geopolitical dynamics may counter its ability to act as a haven.Today’s market analysis on behalf of Antonio Ernesto Di Giacomo – Market Analyst Latam at