Swedish entrepreneurship and creativity has long been praised internationally. In an increasingly borderless world, an understanding of how leadership and organizations in the Swedish context work may contribute to your firms’ competitiveness.  SSE Executive Education at the Stockholm School of Economics is now proudly contributing to this development with a new focus on training for managers and leaders who work in international organizations, whether it be in Swedish multinationals or in foreign-owned firms in Sweden. The Executive Management Program International Edition launches in November 2017.

Talking about “Swedish leadership” is a bit like talking about “Swedish values.” We all know intuitively what it is, but if we’re asked to explain then it becomes trickier. For SSE Executive Education, Swedish leadership often entails embracing an inclusive approach, a deep faith in one’s own ability and a genuine focus on sustainability.

Anders Richtnér“In the past, as a manager you could get a pretty good overview of your company as well as your competitors and the society you operated in. Today, developments move faster and are more multi-faceted than ever before, so there’s no way you as an individual can keep up – you’re simply forced to rely on others. This is where traditional Swedish leadership steps into the picture, a leadership style that has always been rooted in the faith in human capacity,” says Anders Richtnér( pictured) CEO of SSE Executive Education and associate professor at the Stockholm School of Economics.

To meet the demand for understanding managing in the Swedish context, SSE Executive Education is now launching its Executive Management Program, EMP, in an international version. The program is designed for experienced managers who want to make a strong impact and push their organization to work smarter, create greater value and stay ahead of the competition. And of course are interested in “the Swedish way”.

Robert Nobel“The power of SSE Executive Education’s programs lies in their close link to research at the Stockholm School of Economics. Using science as our starting point, we sift out the models that actually work. And our participants do not test these models on theoretical problems and scenarios, they do it on their own real challenges. This approach makes us unique in Swedish leadership development, and is the reason why year after year, we are ranked number one in the Nordic countries in executive education by the Financial Times,” says Robert Nobel, (pictured) program director for the Executive Management Program at SSE Executive Education.

Facts Executive Management Program International Edition

Start: November 27, 2017

Language: English

Price: SEK 140 000 (Excl. of VAT and full board)

Venue: The program will be held at SSE Executive Education’s conference center Kämpasten outside of Stockholm, Sweden

All dates: November 27-30, 2017, January 29-February 1, 2018, March 5-8, 2018