When you think smart phone’s you tend to think Apple , Samsung , LG. Successful global marketing campaigns, easy to use, friends and family own one. Huawei is not a brand that people resonate with mobile phones. However Huawei is the second most popular brand in Europe of Android smartphones.

The comparatively unknown Chinese firm and its lesser-known Honour sub-brand have soared to second in the standings in just 12 months.Based on data the soaring operation of Huawei was found across Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Great Britain. The success of Honour and Huawei comes from selling main handsets at budget costs, making them much cheaper compared to the Samsung Galaxy options.

Whats really helped is sponsoring high-profile football clubs like Arsenal, Paris Saint-Germain and AC Milan, as well as launching the Huawei Watch which has helped the company overtake Sony, HTC and Motorola. Motorola, Sony and HTC are losing market ground.

Carolina Milanesi, chief of research at Kantar, said: “Thanks to an increase in marketing focus and the weakening of brands such as Sony, HTC and Motorola, Huawei was able to rise to second place among Android brands in Europe from sixth place in 2014. With a wider portfolio of products ranging from the high-end all the way to the low-end, Huawei made particular inroads in Spain and Italy.”
Spain and Italys consumers  were always strong buyers of low- and mid-range Nokia Lumia handsets, which struggled in the more affluent UK and Germany. But since Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone-making business, the Lumia brand has yet to receive a reboot strong enough to lure consumers back from affordable Chinese brands like Huawei.

Apple’s iOS increased 1.7%, while Windows grew 0.2%. Blackberry is not contained in its own right, and is rather grouped into Kantar’s ‘other’ group, which nearly halved to a 1% share.

In the UK , rise of IOS and the drop of Android was evident.