The rise in online shopping means that there is more work available than ever for courier companies, which is why it’s a good idea to set up your own. However, it’s a very competitive field because customers have very high expectations. The biggest ecommerce companies are offering next day delivery as standard and even same day shipping in some places. You might not be able to match that, but your customers are still going to expect you to get their products out quickly, so efficiency is key. If you find that you’re losing customers, it might be because you’re simply not fast enough. You might be able to win a few customers on price but if you’re really going to get ahead, you need to make these simple changes to improve efficiency and get products delivered faster.

The first stage of the delivery chain is picking the products from the warehouse in the first place. The longer it takes for warehouse staff to find the products and load them onto the van for delivery, the slower things are going to be. A lot of smaller courier companies struggle because they’re still using an outdated inventory system. But if you digitize it all and start using a barcode scanning system, you can make it a lot easier for your warehouse staff to find products and load them, so your vans can start their delivery route sooner. It also allows you to keep track of inventory so you know exactly what you’ve got in the warehouse. A lot of businesses are making good use of artificial intelligence solutions and your courier business should be no exception.

Automating your inventory systems will make things a lot more efficient and you’ll be able to cut down on your staff costs as well.

Fleet Management Software

Once your drivers are out on the road, it’s important that they’re taking the most efficient route possible. That’s why you should invest in some field service management software. It will help you to plan routes and give you a lot of great information on fuel consumption etc. You can use all of those analytics to make sure that they’re taking the fastest route possible and they’re not being wasteful.

If you’ve only got one location, you’re limiting yourself quite a lot. If you’re serving customers that are close by, you’ll be able to get products out quickly. But you can’t realistically serve customers across the country from one single location because the distance that you have to cover is going to be far too large. That’s why it’s a good idea to look into opening a few new locations. With a single location, you’ll be able to get some smaller clients, but the bigger companies won’t consider you. But if you can open two or three more locations, you’ll be able to start winning those bigger contracts and push the business forward.


Efficiency is absolutely key if you want your courier business to succeed so it might be time to make some of these changes.